According to my Cairns experience, it ought to cost me $1600 a month to live in Australia. iTalki can get me most of the way there, but doing paid surveys can also help!

Your Opinion

At the beginning you will asked if you or a member of your family work in journalism, advertising, or a field related to the topic of the survey. Click no to this question. You will then be asked some standard questions such as gender, age and so on. Doing the surveys can be mindnumbing, but you get to learn about new products before they are launched. You can convert your points to Domino Pizza vouchers.

You will be asked if your close friends or family work in the related industry.

Get Paid for Taking Surveys: Requirements: We need 15 people from Australia to review our new online clothing store. You'll receive gift cards to purchase $75 in merchandise. You'll be required to give your feedback on ease of use of our store, speed of delivery, quality of packing, and more.
Your Pay: $100 and you can keep your purchases.

When I joined (June 15, 2011, just after the State of Origin) I was promised:
"For a limited time we are offering nearly $70 in free bonuses so you can start making money in your other day to day activities such shopping, eating out, driving your car, and writing about your hobbies or topics you enjoy!"

Telstra Experience

Here you can give your feedback on Telstra products and services, and share your opinion on topics that are shaping the future of the telecommunications industry. Beware what you wish for.

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