The Ring of Power

In my opinion the Lord of the Rings is an allegory about power. The ring symbolizes absolute power, granting supremacy to whoever wears it. As the old expression goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely. What should you do if the ring ever falls into your grasp??? throw it away, as fast as possible!

Now the oligarchs have taken power, profiting on privatization, and rentseeking. We need an altLeft to confront them, emulating the altRight.

All the isms have been tried (on a mass scale) and found wanting... all of them except anarchism!

In Fight Club., a

If the state should wither away, and die, then I guess I have something in common with the small government fraternity. The Master is returning.

Humans are tribal animals... they yearn to live in concrete groups. But yet society is a product of slave moralty.

We need an AltLeft, to match the AltRight that catapulted Donald Trump into power! Full Brexit is a step in this direction.

Horizontal federalism...

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 27, 2019

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