Triggers or handicaps have the capacity to increase my anxiety levels. At maximum intensity, each handicap has the potential to increase my anxiety level by one TDU (or even more).

The ground level of anxiety shall be defined as the anxiety I would feel being at home with no noise and distraction, at home, for a period of between four and eight hours. This could expressed as 100 per cent anxiety on the exposure scale.
Distance from home: 0km. Travel involved: 0km.

1. Noise.
2. High-pitched Noise from Young Children (3TDUs).
3. Appointments/Assignments (3 Hours<: 2TDUs; 2-5 hours: 3TDUs; 6 hours>: 5TDUs)
4. Looking Outside (directly: 4TDUs; glancingly: 3TDUs; trying to ignore: 2TDUs)
5. Driving a Car.
6. Speed
7. Eating Superfoods,or Supplements (First Time: 2TDUs (Magnesium: 5TDUs!))
8. Drinking Coffee, or Ingesting Other Stimulants. (Cup of Green Tea: 1TDU; Coca-Cola: 2TDUs; Coffee: 3TDUs)
9. Allergic Reaction to Heavy Fats, such as olive oil, or KFC.
10. Hangover.
11. Isolation
12. Talking Face to Face.
13. Being Outside
14. Surrounded by Forest, or Out in the Wilderness
16. Surrounded by Other People.
17. Sudden Change in Lighting.
18. Post exercise soreness (can often feel anxiety before the pain arrives.) (Strenuous (Pulse accelerated to 90bpm): 4TDUs)
17. Muscle Pain and Accelerated Heartbeat from Illness and Infection (Stomach flu: 3TDUs).
18. Dehydration.
19 Using Screens, Watching TV, or Reading.
20. Endorphins?
21. Internal gas (relieved by burping).