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In September 2004 I toured Queensland's Carnarvon Highway, showing me a side of Australia I had never seen before. Starting at the border town of Mungindi, the highway heads north through cattle and cotton growing country to St George. Built on the banks of the Balonne River, St George features quaint country architecture, such as the Australian Hotel (top). The brown waters of the Balonne River (second from top) are famous for their good fishing. Heading out of St George, the highway passes through beautiful, endless plains dominated by an amazingly vast sky, and abounding with wildlife such as emus (third picture from top.) We drove on to the historic town of Surat still pulsing with quaint energy (pictures four and five) before reaching the Warrego Highway at Roma. Roma is the urban center of the region, and features numerous attractions. Like other towns in the region, the streets of Roma are lined with the exotic bottle tree (sixth picture from top), giving it a slightly African appearance. Also noticeable is the distinctive laid-back, somewhat cowboyish look of the locals of this part of the world (sixth from the top). The highway technically ends at Roma, however NR55 continues north along the Carnarvon Developmental Road through Injune, where I enjoyed a couple of memorable hours at the Injune Hotel (bottom photo).