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NARRANDERA is in many ways the perfect town to host a classic car show. It looks like a town that has been stuck in time, but then so do a lot of other places in outback Australia. What those other places lack, however, is Narrandera's pseudo-European charm (trees that lose their leaves in the winter, mist in the hollows in the mornings), and perhaps most importantly of all, its strategic location. Narrandera sits on the intersection of two highways roughly between Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. When I visited here for Easter 2011, one of the first things I noticed were the vintage cars and hot-rods. You could see them miles from the town, in the car park of the McDonalds complex at Yass, or motoring confidently up the Newell Highway. Driving the backstreets of Narrandera, vintage caravans are sprung up in camping sites, blaring vintage Rock'n'Roll. Hot rod nationals have been held in this town since the 1970s... hot rods cruise the main street on Saturday night before Easter, and then on Easter Sunday the cars go on display at the Show'N'Shine in Narrandera Park.