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<<ACH! It isn't working. It's only tickling!>>

Her voice inflected between cocaine mirth and something vaguely close to boredom.

Jan was propped over the fork of her legs, a white dove feather dribbling out of his mouth. Well, it seemed a depraved idea at the time...

He spat the feather, was about to say <<Hey, I've got some ice in the freezer!>> when the shrill white tone of the telephone rolled out from beneath the covers and, frankly, annoyed the shit out of him.

<<Ach!>> Leni said, closing her legs. <<Maybe it's important.>>

Sigh: <<Maybe maybe...>>

Leni picked up the receiver and Jan poured a glass of vodka or lit a cigarette or had another line, Jo couldn't remember. Because what happened then cancelled out all non-telephonic perception, even the distraction of the dove feather.

<<Aaaaaheeeeekhhh!>> Leni shreiked. <<Mein Gott!>>

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