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"Your reality, my reality, the reality of all of us - it's coming to an end. And we have no damned idea what is going to replace it..."

There are pivotal moments in history, turning points you might call them - Eddie Murphy's Gandhian role in Beverly Hills Cop 4 was one, as was Naomi Campbell's traipse down the catwalk in a real fur coat. Should we send a Terminator back in time to change events, or should we tunnel to another Earth?..

The year is 2008, and Naomi Campbell's traipse 9 years previously has set the world off on meaner, more exploitative tangent. Neoliberalism is the name of the game, and even words and Chinese ideograms are being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Fortunately, it seems like Nature itself is fighting back against the dominion of the System. The rules of reality seem to be breaking down all around.

Secret agent Cassius Croon is given a mysterious mission to investigate bizarre events which have been taking place around the world. Croon worked for the FBI, CIA, MI6 (INTCEN), and when China privatized its security agency, he would probably serve for them too! He is, C3PO-like, fluent in more than 100 forms of communication, including Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Pirate Hakka, and Cantonese street slang.

The stars in the sky were just reflections of the One Star that shone within, and the world was truly flat.

Hip-Hop is music about music. Quentin Tarantino's films are movies about movies. The Cassius Croon Implosion, meanwhile, is a novel about music, films, and other novels. When I first started it, the story was intended to be an alternative future. Now it has become an alternative past, or a mad flowering of alternative realities on a parallel brane. It is a postmodern pastiche, and hopefully interactive as time goes by. There are no remixes, but "edits".


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