Some Observations
Brazilian students tend to pronounce "culture" as "koolture", and "Rugby" as "Hrugby", "Robert" as "Hrobert".
Say "Erre" as "aga".
"MMA" as "M-M-Ar".

Renata: Gets confused between "win" and "earn" (the same word in Portuguese.)

As I was saying today, I often notice that Brazilian students make similar mistakes when speaking in English. That doesn’t mean that you yourself make these kinds of mistakes, but it is something that I regularly notice with other students. Some of these, perhaps, they are not exactly mistakes at all, but they sound idiosyncratic and somewhat unusual. For example, some of my students say, “I have some doubts about this,” which is grammatically correct, but sounds a little bit odd. In this case it would be better to say, “I have some problems with this.” Sometimes we use the word “doubt”, for example when we say that we have doubts about whether something is true or not, but it seems to me that this word has a wider range of meanings in Portuguese than in English.