1. How do I improve in English?
The only way to improve your English is to study. Any time you spend studying will be meaningful.
This site may be helpful.

2. How long will it take me to achieve my goals?
That is a very difficult question to answer and depends on your language ambitions of your goals, your current English level and the amount of time you are able and willing to spend on studying. Psychological factors also come into play, such as your motivation, and also exposure to other languages. On top of that, intermediate levels might find themselves "stuck" because they have learnt the language in a lopsided way.

Patsy Lightbown has estimated that children take 12,000 to 15,000 hours to learn their language. By following a structured program, adults are able to learn significantly faster. That is because adults have learned how to learn. As a rough guide, Cambridge exams estimate that each level is reached with the following guided learning hours: A2, 180200; B1, 350400; B2, 500600; C1, 700800, and C2, 1,0001,200.

One thing is for certain, unless you are an absolute beginner, you will not notice any significant changes after just 5 lessons.

3. How do I stay motivated to achieve my goals?
If you feel yourself frustrated or losing motivation, a change of pace can be helpful. Some people say they work harder when they have a deadline; for others, having a deadline makes them feel stressed.

4. Can I change my accent?
There is nothing wrong with having an accent, it is part of your identity. If you are serious about changing your accent, sites like Star Pronunciation can help.

5. Can I receive a discount?
If a discount is given, it must be compensated for in some ways: through the use of SFPs, or a reduction in the lesson time (say, from 60 to 50 minutes).

6. Can I pay you directly for teaching me, instead of booking lessons through iTalki?
Unfortunately, I can only teach lessons through iTalki. They have a strict rule about students who pay teachers directly, and I worry about being punished by them if I am caught breaking the rules. On top of that, it is more convenient for me for iTalki to handle scheduling and payments.