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Tuesday, 9 October 2007
Are There Too Many Hindu Gods?

I got an email from a Former Hindu recently concerning the multiplicity of gods in the Hindu pantheon and other issues, and this is how it read: 

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"I am a former hindu. Much of what you have written is true about the worship of hindu Gods.  First let me clarify some interesting points about hindu Gods.

They do not offer any guarantee's.
They do not ever state they love you personally.
They do not really care about your sins (you pay for that yourself by dying and being reborn again)
They all belief in reincarnation.
They all belief in liberation of  the soul (Joining of your soul with the supreme God of your choice)
Only two of the Gods believe they are supreme, Krishna and Durga. (See Gita where Krishna gives a lengthy description of him as the supreme being). Durga simply claims to be the mother of the universe.
Faith if based on emotion in my point of view (from experience) is worthless. (many marriages break up on this belief)
Faith if based on reason and evidence and the conscience is priceless and when attained never given up for anything else.
Hindu's are very emotional. In fact the music that hindu's listen to is the most emotional music I have ever heard. Indian classical music cannot simply be beat. There is just no comparison. ( I can say this because I came to america when I was only five. I have had equal share in american music and indian music). There is just no comparison. Its the kind of music when presented right to any one will give joy and peace and above all an emotional state like no other.
But its like drugs. You can actually get addicted to indian classical music, I was for about 9 years. Its devotional music for those who understand hindi is even more addicting. To give this up is not an easy task. When I say addicting I really mean addicting. I could listen to music for about 8 hours straight before I am just tired of it. Its actually better than sex (most drug addicts feel the same way).
What is the ultimate goal of hindu gods is the real question.
For me it was always to fill me half way and leave me dry later. To satisfy me was very hard. I could never focus on any hindu God for long because others were also appealing. (Sort of like beautiful women).  Each God had his/her own beauty and personality. At the very end I fell in love with Hanuman. Only because my Guru said that he was supreme over krishna and durga. WOW I thought I have finally found the supreme. Then I asked my Guru support your claim. She tried her very best to the fact that she wrote another religious text called a puran Hanumat Puran. In this she described that Hanuman is formed from the masterbation of Shiva by looking upon the most beautiful form of women mohanee (Krishna's female aspect).  The sperm was given as a potion to mata angani , hanumans mother, in which she concieved hanuman. Her second reason for his supremecy was that he was the only GOD born with super powers. They need not be attained as krishna learned and got powers from Guru's. 
What is the point of all this. Mark my words no Hindu will really never know who GOD is because he is busy trying to bribe the wrong ones. In fact that is what puja is. You offer something and you get something in return. You hope its a profit and not a loss. 
To realize the truth you must listen to your conscience very carefully. Try not to contradict yourself. And above all reason. Then as I do ask questions. In fact reasoning begins with asking basics question first then building a foundation that does not break upon itself with contraditions.
The Big Bang THEORY - has some truth to it in so much that everything started from some one thing.(This is apparantly GOD) .
Thus assume that for your quest of truth that there is only really one GOD. That is to say one creator of this universe.
This GOD could do whatever he wanted. Those who have the power to create have the power to destroy because simply there was nothing before and now there is? ( I can and will give you a scientific explanation as to just how the universere was really created if you reply to this email with further evidence)
Thus let me know if you are interested in a quest with me to find the ultimate truth. I promise I will be understanding and honest with you all the way to the end. I expect nothing in return.

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