IISHI'S LAST STAND <<That Iishi's a creep>> #u said. We were at work at the convention centre, handing mail and keys to customers. <<I can't believe you're still with him.>>

<<I just want to toy with him. I'm going to play one more trick on him, to really fuck with his head.>>

So I died my skin black and grew long black hair and wore a number which would have shamed most of North Africa. I dabbed myself with a scent "engineered from synthetic blue whales", plucked my eye-lashes and went to Iishi's hair salon.

In the waiting room they were playing a derivative of the Chucky Poong Show, a Vietnamese guy with a sufficiently poor grasp of English. I watched Iishi instead... along with half the waiting room. <<He's so gorgeous>> one of the guys said.

Then it was my turn to get served. He gave me a shampoo and I gazed up into his eyes.

<<You're wearing the scent of musk>> he said. <<Made from the glands of blue whales. It's very mellow.>>

His hands locked around my head. <<They say musk is an aphrodisiac. It turns all men into sex-crazed animals. You're turning me on.>>

He slipped one hand down my shampoo gown and under my bra and made a grab for a nipple. Sliding forward, I grabbed his hand, bent over and flipped him back-first on to the floor. Then I dropped the wig.

<<We're through>> I said. It was his turn to get served!

Iishi regained his feet, looked crestfallen around his salon. <<Well, you started it>> he said. <<You came in here wearing musk perfume.>>

CASSIUS CROON and other characters copyright Robert Sullivan 1996-99.