Clouds -- captured in the light of a beautiful summer's day in Ueno, Tokyo, June 2 2002. Like strange characters from an alien alphabet, these vents and their kin are scrawled all over the Tokyo streetscape. The first overseas city I ever visited, and therefore indelibly stamped on my heart -- Bangkok Thailand. The demented overdrive of the consumerist system -- shoppers in Ueno, Tokyo. Harajuku is one of the centres of street fashion in Tokyo. To enter this strange and enticing world, click here! The Gap -- a typical Tokyo consumer frenzy. Star Alpha -- It's festival time in Japan! Totalitarian skyline, on the banks of the Sumida River. Replicant Saloon -- Starbucks Coffee House. Like the Evil Eye of the paranoid Security State, this facade overlooks the realm of Asakusa. The beautiful colours and vibrancy of Thailand! Resolve your sins because the Age of Chaos is here!
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