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2 -- h a n d ... l i n e s

The Life Line ---- Called the Jeevan Rekha, the Life Line marches down the hand from the Mount of Jupiter to Mount of Venus, the fleshy bulge of muscle which controls the thumb (click here to see an interactive map of the hand.) Subsidiary lines arising from the life line towards the mounts of Mercury, Sun, Saturn or Jupiter are called the rising lines, which indicate the rises in life in the field indicated by the mount towards which these rising lines travel. As one of the three so-called Major Lines of the hand, the Life Line represents subcnonscious levels of the mind. As the name suggests, the Life Line indicates the passage of time, illness and death, and other important life events. General health, stamina, and the condition of the nervous system are also indicated, as are the impact of family influences and interpersonal conflicts. A semi-circular Life Line, thin and deep, without irregularities, breaks, or crosses of any kind, is considered ideal.

The Head Line ---- The Head Line of Head relates to the intellectual capacities of the individual, and also the physical condition of his or her brain. The line generally begins at a point between the aggressive Mount of Mars and the Mount of Jupiter and sometimes terminates at the defensive Mount of Mars, but usually at the Mount of Mercury or the Mount of Luna. For an interactive hand map click here.

The Heart Line ---- The last of the three Major Lines of the hand, the Heart Line depicts your loving capacity, emotional make-up and sexual well-being. On a physical level, it also indicates the healthiness of the heart. To find it on your hand, look for the horizontal line above the Head Line. It should begin beneath either the index finger or middle finger and extend across to the edge of the palm on the side of the little finger. Chronological life events are said to register on the Heart Line -- especially events relating to love and relationships. When the heart line ends between the forefinger and the middle finger it means you are emotional and passionate, says one palm expert.

The Girdle of Venus ---- Representing creativity, the Girdle of Venus runs in a broken or unbroken semicircle from between the first and second fingers to between the third and fourth fingers.

The Health Line ---- This line rises at the base of Mount of Mercury, and as it grows down the hand and into the line of life, so does it foreshadow the growth of the illness or germ of disease which at the time of its coming in contact with the line of life will reach its climax. It should lie straight down the hand - the straighter the better. Although it is an excellent sign to be without this line. Such absence denotes an extremely robust, healthy constitution. Its presence on hand in any form indicates some delicate point to be guarded against.

The Sun Line ---- According to, the Minor Lines of the hand represent conscious aspects of the personality. As a minor line, the Sun Line shows how successful you have been in your work. However, you should note that this line is more naturally prominent on on the Philosophic, Conic, and Spatulate hands.

The Destiny Line ---- Also known as the Dhana Rekha or Karma Rekha. The Destiny Line serves as a backbone for the other lines on your palm, and suggests the degree of your desire to structure your life. To see where the line runs on a typical palm, click here. Please remember: the type of hand you have (see Hand Types) plays an important role in considering your Destiny Line: this line tends to be less marked on the elementary, the square, and the spatulate, than on the philosophic, the conic, or the psychic. Consequently if one sees, as one often will, an apparently very strong Destiny Line on a Conic Hand, one must remember that it has not half the importance of a similar line on a square type as far as worldly success is concerned.

Nails ---- As Brahmasri Gailasasaamy said, nails should also be taken into account when reading the hands. Here is a short summary of what the different kinds of nails mean: Short Nails -- Uncivilized nature; short pale nails -- wickedness; short rectangular nails -- heart disease candidate; short wide nails -- stubborn troublemakers; hard narrow nails -- quarrelsome and stubborn; square nails -- wicked, cowardly, timid and subdued individuals; short triangular Nails -- Such nails are generally wide at the upper tip and narrow at the lower end. Persons with such nails are lazy and hesitant to work. They like loneliness and do not like others to interfere in their matters. This is a negative selection I know, but is indicative of one side of the Palmistry school of knowledge.

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