BALI is no doubt more expensive than other parts of Indonesia, but for a foreigner it makes a good introduction to the archipelago. According to at least foreign convert, it is easy to live here for under $1000 a month. Perhaps I could dry-run Vagabondancy in Indonesia in 2012 (late rather than early)... before I go, I ought to check out nomad4ever.

marlysmiles on Lonely Planet's Thorntree writes: "If you are really watching your money, you can spend as little as 20 US$ a day for accomodation, transportation, food and drinks. You should definitely check out Thomas Homestay in Padang Padang. It is an amazing place and if you stay a couple of days the owners will be pretty cool about negotation a good price!"

Over at BootsnAll Nick claims: "In Ubud you can find guest houses for 50,000rp per day ($6). You can also find cheap restaurant meals for ($2-3). In Kuta / Seminyak, you have it all, everything from cheap guest houses to low end, mid range, high end hotels (Poppies Lane, Padma, Seminyak & Kerobokan).
"Same with meals. Bamboo Corner in Kuta (Poppies I ) will serve you a nasi goreng for 7,000rp (90 cents). ESC in Kuta will serve you a HUGE burger or sandwich for 38,000rp (just over $4)..."

For a menu showing prices of typical Indonesian foods in Kuta Beach, click here.

At this restaurant you can see gado dado on sale for 11,000rp. At the famous Poppies Restaurant, gado gado costs 29,000rp. Ikan Pepes, wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled, is 45,000rp.

Bali Blogs says: "Bottom end prices for Bali guesthouses on Poppies Lane I, Poppies Lane II, and Jl. Benesari are around 40,000 rupiah (around US$4). Gang Ronta (lanes in Bali are called gangs), the narrow gang that connects Poppies I & II has a selection of budget places, most of which are clean, simple with fan and coldwater shower, and are perfectly okay for most of the year..."

Cheap Charlie's Hotels says: "We really liked the Komala Indah guesthouse very near the beach on Poppies in Kotas beach. at 40,000 a night it was a steal the rooms are a little small but comfortable with fan and cold water en suite. We also found the LA Hotel guesthouse to be very comfortable with a large room with decent ventilation at 80000 a night could have been a little cheaper we thought..."

Legian Beach Bungalow: Kuta.
Rooms from 60,000-120,000 Rupiah per night.

Using nomad4ever's Christian Skoda as a guide, let's assemble my very own Bali Costs estimate!

1. Flip flops (assume I need one new pair per month): $US2.24.
2. Bintang beer, 0.3L (in a club): $US4.47.
3. Bintang beer, 0.6L: US$2.80.
4. Rent (1 room, KosKosan about 180 square feet): US$111.

Although Jerm comments: "There are still plenty of places you can get small bintangs (.3l beer) for 15k, large bintangs (.6l beer) for 20k and international cocktails for 25k-40k (and yes these are club prices). Last, for housing you can still get decent rooms for under 100k per night and you can still rent decent (maybe even nice) houses for 3-4million per month..."

Fugly Bali