In South Kuta, ranked as one of the best surfing areas on the island. It is, in fact, considered the fourth best place for surfing in the world.

After a sometimes fruitless search, I am starting find some budget Bali guesthouses which I can actually afford to stay at, on my Vagabonding income.

AirBNB is a good service.

ADI DHARMA: Address: Jl. Legian Kuta Bali Indonesia Contact Phone: +62 (361) 751527 ADI JAYA: Address: Jl. Dewi Sartika, Kuta Bali Indonesia Contact Phone: +62 (361) 753607 ADIKA SARI BUNGALOW: Address: Jl. Padma Utara Legian Kuta Bali Indonesia Contact Phone: +62 (361) 751413 Adus: Jl. Lebak Bene, Kuta. Phone: +62 (361) 755326.

Anom Dewi: Near Bemo Corner.
About 50,000Rp per night without breakfast, according to one visitor in the year 2008.

Bali Manik: .
80,000Rp for a double.

Dua Dara: .
Ubud seems cheaper than Kuta, it seems to me. That said, a single private room with fan will set you back just 100,000 Rupiahs at Dua Dara.

More budget inspiration can be found at Bali Homeland.

For cheap accommodation (say 210,000Rp per week!) on Jalan Benesari in Kuta, click here. However, this is pretty old, it dates from 2003, and prices have changed a lot. For more up-to-date information (2009), in Bahasa Indonesia, read this.

Bali Cheap Accommodation: Offers places for as cheap as 3 Euros a night!
It is difficult to search for ultra cheap accommodation around the world on the Internet, often for the reason that such places cannot afford to have a website, or they fall under the profitability radar. Bali Cheap Accommodation says on its website: "Bali is full of these places, some basic, some incredibly nice. So why nobody lists them in the hundreds websites you have been surfing so far? Simple: nobody can make a commission on a 10 euro a night room, so why list them? We do because we love Bali and think it is really a good experience to stay in these cheap places. Often it is the only chance to see the real family life in Bali..."

Tune Hotels: Book Budget Hotels in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Book five-star hotels at one-star prices!

Walkabout Indonesia: More dirt cheap accommodation listed here!
For example, Losmen Arthawan on Poppies Lane II has rooms with inside bathroom for 40,000 Rupiahs a night.
Also Losmen Cempaka in the same area, for 60,000Rp per night.