As someone posted on the Living in Indonesia forum, almost every phone in Indonesia is unlocked and can use any sim card. Most Iphones go for between 6M and 7M Rp. Look for them online at Bhinneka or try some of the handphone shops in Taman Anggrek and Ambassador Mall.

Recent years have seen enormous development in the infrastructure and usage of cellular telephones (cell phones) in Indonesia, known in Indonesia as hand phones (or even more correctly, ponsel in Bahasa Indonesia, which is short for telepon seluler, I believe.) Many companies in Indonesia provide hand phones for their managers. They may also pay part of your phone bill, for example paying the first Rp 200,000 in monthly charges. If your work keeps you out of the office a lot, you may want to ask your firm if they will provide you with a hand phone.

A wide variety of hand phones are available for purchase in Indonesia. Internationally known brands predominate the market. The latest models with all the new features are available in Indonesia. Often a new model will be launched in Asia before it is available in the west. The major brand names have dealers/distributors who handle the sales of their phones in Indonesia. Dealers/distributors have kiosks or shops in the major malls or sell their wares through counters in electronics goods stores. Most of the major international brands have customer support stores in many areas of the city to provide help and training on how to use the features of their phones. In Jakarta, ITC Roxy Mas is currently considered the center for handphone sales as the entire building is occupied with hand phone dealers. Prices range from Rp 1.0 juta to Rp 11 juta, with VirTU models made from Platinum and precious metals are also available starting at Rp 30 million (exchange rate Rp 9,100/US$1.00 - January 2005).

As Trendy Gadget pointed out last year (2007): "Indonesia is one of the biggest cellphones market in Asia. And in Jakarta, the biggest cellphone center located at ITC Roxy Mas, West jakarta. Most of people there choose to shop cellphone (indonesian: ponsel) at Roxy Mas because usually lower prices compared to other places. And most of local mobile magazine always take ITC Roxy Mas as barometer of cellphone prices..."

Some hand phones purchased abroad will work in Indonesia, as long as you subscribe to the operator that utilizes that phone system in Indonesia. For example, if you own a GSM phone, you can subscribe to Telkomsel, Excelcomindo or Satelindo. Changing your phone number is as simple as buying a new kartu telepon or chip card from your Indonesian operator. Some older chips will not necessarily work in newer model phones and visa versa. With the advancement of technology and the capabilities on the newer phones, they are requiring a more advanced chip to operate them. Hand phones purchased in Indonesia will only work abroad if they are capable of using the operating system in that country. This is a factor to consider if you do a lot of traveling and want to use your Indonesian hand phone on your trips. Top of the line hand phones (and operators) include many practical features: frequently called phone number list voice mail box - to leave messages call diverting and call waiting screening of calls customized phone ring tones cameras video clips and much more ... A major factor in the hand phone you choose is the life of the battery. The best batteries are Li-Ion. Choose a hand phone that has a battery that is good for up to 5 to 8 hours of usage. Also ask the dealer how long it will take to recharge the battery when it runs down. Better phones take only 1 to 2 hours to recharge. For people that spend a lot of time in their car a charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter of the car is a very helpful accessory.

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Now owned by yahoo! but still kicking it in the nation of its birth. The brands currently on Koprol are Black Canyon Coffee, Blitzmegaplex, Celebrity Fitness, Dahsyat, Java, Jazz, Red Mango, Soyjoy, TMC Polda Metro Outback, and naturally enough considering the new ownership, Yahoo! Indonesia.

The Jakarta Post says: " 4sq is best played on iPhone, Android, Palm or BlackBerry. It begins with users revealing their whereabouts to friends by 'checking in' at certain venues. For each visit to these places, users are rewarded points that they can use to unlock badges.

"For iPhone users there's an advanced version of the 4sq application that allows users to transfer contacts from their address book, indicate locations with GPS, and integrate with other applications on the phone.

"If your don't have one of these gadgets, you can still play 4sq on your conventional mobile phone by visiting

"Before enjoying the fun, don’t forget to sign up and add your photo and data, and of course, invite some friends and people in your local area. The information on your friends will be useful in heavily populated areas like Jakarta. You can search for friends from Facebook, Gmail, Google Apps and Twitter. It is best to add only people you socialize with in real life, otherwise it may seem weird if you want to know where acquaintances are without truly being familiar with them. Arti Nama: Krazy Deals Blackberry Phones Kebaya Laptop - Harga terbaik! Aksesoris Notebook Patung Bali / Statues from Bali Sewa Mobil / Car Rental Go-Ped Lukisan Vietnam / Vietnamese Paintings Handphone Watch (Watch Phone) Nokia N95 HTC Touch Canon Pixma Printers .

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Best Denki: Best Denki Co., Ltd. (株式会社ベスト電器, Kabushiki-gaisha Besuto Denki?) (TYO: 8175) is a Japanese electronics retailer with outlets across Japan, Indonesia ,Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Best Denki headquarters is located in Fukuoka. Previously, in Singapore, it was known as "Yaohan Best", when it started operations there in 1985. After Yaohan's bankruptcy, the store was changed to its current name. The store has also a service sector that does repair, transportation of goods and after sale service for its franchise stores. There are twelve stores in Singapore, with the flagship store located at Ngee Ann City. The newest store in Jakarta is located at Senayan City and is the largest Best Denki store outside Japan. horoskop (horoscopes) delivered to your phones.