Karst islands rising from the light blue seas.

Part of the world's Coral Triangle!

Nudibranch too numerous to count.

It is also good for birding too!

You can stay in a bungalow on the beach for US$30 a night. This price should include three simple meals per day.

Alcohol seems hard to come by, unfortunately. Bintang might be available at some resorts.

See Stay in Raja Ampat!

You need to pay a fee to enter the marine park.


Pulau Salawati is the island closest to Sorong... only 20km by boat!

At Samate, see the Japanese airfield from the Second World War!


They seem to speak Biak on Batanta.

Kapisawar... small village in the southwest part of the islands! Dogs ride with men in their outriggers.

Pulau Kri.

There are ancient rock painting on Misool.