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Interactive photographic map of the entire world!

Interactive photographic map of the entire world!

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march 02 2004 - travel resources in tokyo
I WANT TO GET TO KNOW TOKYO SO INTIMATELY THAT I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE EVERYTHING IS, every restaurant and bar, every obscure fuku eatery and Mexican venue -- I want to know the city like the back of my hand. Not just Tokyo, either -- I want to know the whole world, but for now I am stuck in Tokyo, so Tokyo is the one I am concentrating my travel passions on. I want to know every corner of this vast and labrynthine city, every nook and cranny. God willing, I am sure it can be done. Today I found a good place to hang out for travellers planning the next leg of their international journeys -- it is the A'cross Travel Agency at Shinjuku.

The place has recently had a refurbishment and now features a small library of travel related information. There are countless brochures advertising such obscure travel destinations as Hungary, Laos and even New Guinea. Being a lover of the obscurer, these brochures enchanted me for a good 30 minutes. In particular, I'm becoming slowly enchanted with the idea of going to Papua New Guinea, as a stopover on my next trip to Australia. It is directly on the route between Japan and Australia, but I didn't think it was easy to fly there, so whenever I head downunder I am forced to stopover in places I have been to a million times already, such as Singapore. I've done Singapore to death! New Guinea, on the other hand, sounds interesting and new. I want to see how it compares to Australia, being so close to Australia's northern tip. The planning for my next great travel adventure has begun!

Anyway, if you are in Shinjuku, I would recommend a visit to A'cross Travel. Despite its wierd name it is an interesting and cosy place to chill out, even if you don't want to make any travel bookings. They have padded benches to sit on and even a vending machine selling green tea, canned coffee, and all the usual Japanese drink goodies. The piece de resistance is a collection of old LONELY PLANET titles, all gracefully showing their age and maturing into classics. Some of the volumes I want to leaf through, on future visits (perhaps when I book my Air Niugini flight) include "Bushwalking in Australia" (it made me feel homesick) and a classic old "Africa on a Shoestring", with quaint handdrawn maps. It just makes me realise (yet again!) that's a big wonderful vast world out their, and I want to know it all utterly.



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Lesbian Singapore