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There is a lot of concrete, but there are some choice oases, most notably Ueno Park... but come June the green heart of Shinobu Pond is transformed into a verdant, steamy garden! Sumida River in Asakusa is another place to see the cherries.

As Marky Star reminds us, there used to be an Asakusa Ward, and a Shitaya Ward. Taito Ward is a relatively new invention.


"The legend goes that a potter from Kyōto named 尾形乾山 visited the chief priests of nearby 寛永寺. Having heard from the priests that the nightingales of Edo sang in an uncouth accent, he brought nightingales from Kyōto that could “sing proper”..." https://t.co/Yen8rb65oc

— Robert Sullivan (@robsullivan1973) June 10, 2020


» Asakusa
» Ueno (上野)
Uguisudani (鶯谷)


» Sumida Ward (墨田区)