I'm the Great I AM

The first sentence a sentient being ever speaks is, "I WILL." Will is the virile energy of life which wants to create.

The second sentence the human ever speaks is, "I AM" (Eghom) after encountering its mirror image during childhood. This creates a division which had never existed before: the subject, and his or her predicate. This is the moment when psycholohy appears.

Subjects & Objects

The act of speaking automatically involves an agent and an other to whom the speech is directed at. It formalizes the places which come into play with every speech act, namely the agent of discourse and the other who is acted upon. This formula also suggests the dimension of power in all actions exercised upon an other. The effect of such actions, the product of discourse, requires the introduction of a third place: agent -- > other -- > production -- > truth.

It is worth remembering that God Herself/Himself is a split subject!

"As the object might object, so too the subject subject. Here subject and object delineate the reversible, 'reflexive' forms of existence; each is both noun and verb, thing and activity within the realm of the visible."

The original I AM was God Him/Herself. In the Upanishads, it is stated: "In the beginning the atman was this universe. He gazed around, he saw nothing there but himself. Thereupon he cried out at the beginning: It is I."

Brahman is the unknown that needs to be explained, atman is the known through which the unknown finds its explanation. Brahman and Atman became a duality, upon achieving self-consciousness; and this is how "god" and the universe came into being, according to the Upanishads.


If life is a sentence, then: "Hence Freud argues that there can be 4 groups of symptoms and only 4. II. The 4 strategies are: 1.Deny the verb: leads to paranoia 2.Deny the object: leads to erotomania
3.Deny the subject: leads to jealousy
4.Deny the whole sentence: leads to megalomania, diminished experience of others, and diminished experience of self, including in both case expected death... " Castration has a circular shape. Instead of flying into space, lately I have begun transforming myself into a train rail, or a pipe... I have accepted castration. Consciousness collapses the wave function, turns a wave into a particle. Although it is also possible that gravity collapses the wave function (according to Roger Penrose). One day Brahman will die, and Hanuman will take His place.

According to Noam Chomsky, there are two levels of grammar in a sentence: the surface level, and a deep structure. It is within the deep structure that the division of subject and object takes place.

The deep structure of a language arises from the mind, to become surface structure.

The German word for verb is Zeitwort ("time word").

A Complementizer Phrase (CP) is a linguistic term used in the theory of syntax to describe a specific type of phrase structure found in many languages. A CP typically functions to introduce a subordinate clause, often called a "complement clause" or "subordinate clause," which provides additional information or context to a main clause. In essence, a CP serves as a structural element that links the main clause and the subordinate clause within a sentence.


MORPHEMES ARE THE SMALLEST units of a language. They include base words and root verbs, as well as prefixes and suffixes. Morphemes can be either free (such as "cat") and bound (such as "s").


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