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AIRES: 1971-75.
TAURUS: 1976-80.
GEMINI: 1981-85.
CANCER: 1986-90.
LEO: 1991-1995.

." You couldn't get a plainer description of astrology than that -- at its heart, astrology is the attempt to predict the future using the stars and planets as a guide. From such a simple premise, however, an extraordinary profusion of astrological methods and wisdoms have developed. This website is attempt to catalogue and explain this wide array of different astrologies, and hopefully connect them together into a greater, universal whole. I am only a beginner when it comes to astrology, and I am hoping my own wisdom will expand as I develop this site. I take comfort in another Gailaasasamy quote, this one from his book Head Itself a Temple: "Beside knowing the rules and regulations of astrology, one must also have God's gift of intuition." While my astrological knowledge is still in the developmental stage, I do have the gift of intuition -- this I am sure of!

ASTROLOGY IS LIKE AN ONION -- there is layer under layer of meaning, and I am sure that even the wisest astrologer can never get to the bottom of it. This website is nonetheless an attempt to get to the bottom of it, though, a step by step delving into and discussion of the mysterious world of astrology. For now I will concentrate on classical Greek astrology, although after my trip to Mumbai in May 2005, I want to start introducing Asian astrologies as well. In the great UNCLONED WORLD tradition, the emphasis is on helping you the reader do it yourself, so you don't have to rely on "the experts" to give you astrological readings. You don't have to know everything to produce your own horoscope. To be sure, the more knowledge you have, the more accurate your predictions will be. But even with a limited knowledge and understanding you can start to predict your own future. So, welcome to UNCLONED WORLD -- UNCLONED ASTROLOGY STARTER COURSE.

Astrology is defined as the study of heavenly cycles and cosmic events as they are reflected in our earthly environment. And Astrology is as old as measured time. For thousands of years man has recorded the relationships and patterns between the planets and the earth. It is a well-known scientific fact that the gravitational forces of the moon create the rise and fall of tides of the oceans. The Farmers Almanac uses astrology to determine growing cycles and the best time to plant and harvest. Astrology is also a constantly evolving source of knowledge -- ancient myths and paradigms (from the Age of Agriculture) collide with the needs of modern citizens to discern their destinies. For example, in the past 200 years we have witnessed the discoveries of Uranus (1781), Neptune (1846), Pluto (1930) and Chiron (1977). I posit that their sudden appearance in the awareness of the human kind suggests that Humanity has evolved to such a state that it needs new planets and new energies. Perhaps the years to come new planets will be discovered, and astrology will move to a higher level of meaning.

True Astrology is a science based on mathematics and astronomy. It tells the story of where the planets, sun and moon were at the exact moment of our birth and how these placements effect our lives. With extreme accuracy, it is able to break down ones personality, strengths, challenges, potential and more, and give an insight as to what lies ahead. While some criticise fortune-telling and the people who believe in it as passive, astrology is actually an active science. Astrology provides an attitude or approach to life that can allow us to maximize or get more out of it. As Gailaasasamy wrote in Head Itself A Temple: "According to Hindu faith, a child will enjoy the merits and demerits of its former births. This does not mean that one cannot escape from the clutches of fate. Except for periods of chronic disease, all others can be altered through self-confidence and effort." This website will attempt to give you the "big picture" you need to chart the straits of Life more effectively, avoiding the snags of Fate hidden beneath the waves.

Planets in Houses

Most people know their Sun Sign or Star Sign or Zodiac Sign, and can describe themselves as a Capricorn or a Scorpio or whatever. While important, Sun Signs are only one layer of the onion that is Western Astrology (which ism in turn, only one layer of the Greater Onion of Intuition and Fortune Telling!) Peel the Sun Sign layer of the Onion away and you will find another level -- the Level of the Planets and the Houses. For example, if you are a Libran and were born with Jupiter in the constellation of Taurus, this would make you a slightly different Libran from the Libran who was born when Jupiter was in Gemini. In other words your Sun Sign would be Libra and your Jupiter Sign would be Taurus.

To understand how the various planets and Heavenly Bodies influence your life, imagine that each projects a particular wavelength of light, symbolising particular qualities such as love or aggression. Depending upon the constellations of the Zodiac these Heavenly Bodies are in that time, their Light will be filtered a particular way. In this case, the constellations are called "Houses of the Zodiac" -- Aires is the First House, Taurus the Second House, and so on. One easy way to understand how planets and Houses interact is to use the following chart. Here you should construct a two-part sentence, using the key statements from the planet as the first part and the key statements from the house as the second part.

t h e : p l a n e t s
Sun -- The subject will best learn projection of self through --
Moon -- The subject will show a special interest in and will effect changes through --
Mercury -- The subject will develop his (her) communicative powers through --
Venus -- The subject will form intimate relationships and develop his (her) sense of personal values through --
Mars -- The subject will exercise his (her) physical stamina and his (her) initiative through --
Jupiter -- The subject will have opportunities for material expansion and mental growth through --
Saturn -- (courtesy DominantStar.com) Saturn "permits the "higher consciousness" and life force a practical means of incarnating into durable, visible, material form" through --
Uranus -- The subject will realize originality and unusual experiences through --
Neptune -- The subject will realize peculiar and nebulous experiences through --
Pluto -- The subject will realize critical endings and beginnings through --

t h e : h o u s e s
1st House -- incarnation and being on Earth, as a distinct personality and being. Begins with the Rising Sign, the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon when you were born. This is also called the Ascendant or Ascending Sign and is one of the most important points in the horoscope. The Ascendant has an affect on your appearance. In some cases, a person can look more like their Ascendant than their Sun-Sign..
2nd House -- matters pertinent to his (her) accumulating materials resources in order to establish security. The Second House Sign deals with material resources, and the ability to earn money in order to acquire material possessions, which are needed or felt they are needed.

3rd House -- matters pertinent to his (her) adjusting himself (herself) to those close to him (her) because of circumstances and to the beginning of the process of education. The 3rd house continues the drama set forth in the 1st and 2nd. The First is the new start, the Second is the new body or what is drawn forth in response to the 1st, and the Third is how the situation develops to its fullness. It has to do with the working out and exploring of all the details and ramifications of what is forming. The Planets in the Third House of your chart often provide insight into the type of travel that you do, and, depending on which planets they are, they can help you derive further meaning about yourself and your travels. To find out which planets pass through your Third House and what they say about the way you travel, take a look at your own personal chart.

Trips that fall when the Planets in the sky pass through your Third House are likely to be fun, frivolous and last minute.
4th House -- matters pertinent to his (her) establishing a place within which to protect himself (herself) and his (her) possessions.
5th House -- matters pertinent to his (her) creating his (her) own image through both the body and the mind. The Fifth House is the house of creative expression, especially the performing arts, as well as love affairs, pleasures and places of amusement, and social entertainment.
6th House -- matters pertinent to his (her) serving others and being served in order to maintain good health through reciprocity. If you were born with the Sun in this House, you starsign would be Virgo. On a more metaphysical level, astrologers Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul claim Virgo (and thus the Sixth House) is "the witch, she prepares the ingredients which are weighed in the balances in Libra, and in Scorpio the magical work is carried forward". This seems to match my own experience. It was during a strong Virgo period of my life (1994-1998) that I discovered the secret cycles at work in reality, and managed to map them pretty well. Now in a Scorpio period (according to my personal 5-Year cycle), I have begun using my awareness of cycles to manifest magic.
7th House -- Idealism, international relations, politics, war, disputes, legal affairs, marriage, divorce, contracts and public scandal. It is linked to Libra.
8th House -- Reality, deep insight, the truth. The Eighth House is essentially the House of Scorpio, and it gives a Scorpion theme to the planets and heavenly bodies moving through that constellation. Astrologer Richard Hills says: "Whereas Libra has an ideal about how relationships ought to be, Scorpio is more interested in the emotional reality, a reality which can be the end of any ideal! The move from Libra to Scorpio symbolises the move from ideal of how things ought to be to the experience of how things are. This applies to love relationships, certainly, but also to everyday life." This insight mirrors my own experiences, in the past few years, in moving from a Libran cycle (1999-2004) to a Scorpio Cycle (2005-09). While in the Libran Cycle I dreamed of creating a Utopia in my own life over the very long term, in my current Scorpio Cycle I am starting to appreciate Life Now for its messy certainty. My perception of the world has become much more intuitive since I entered this personal Scorpio Cycle. In The Pulse of Life, Dane Rudhyar writes: "The Scorpio phase of the yearly cycle of the life-force as it unfolds on earth and in human nature has been strangely misunderstood. Peculiarly negative attributes have been given to it as a result... it has become thus the symbol of death. Only to a few could it mean "regeneration"; and even these few often did not realistically understand the meaning of such a regeneration."
9th House -- According to Houses: Understanding Astrology, the Ninth House "is commonly referred to as the House of Philosophy. In keeping with that theme, it's our search for meaning which is the focal point here. By virtue of exploring our world, we start to grasp everything that is available to us. It all boils down to understanding: understanding that which we see and feel and probing further in the hopes of realizing true meaning." The house also rules matters pertinent to his (her) furthering the process of education through in-depth study and extensive travel.
10th House -- matters pertinent to his (her) going outside his (her) home to establish himself (herself) properly in the social, business, and professional circles through entering upon a career.
11th House -- matters pertinent to his (her) relating successfully to group activity in order to participate in the creative concerns that are communal in nature.
12th House -- matters pertinent to his (her) resisting impediments of his (her) efforts to be a totally integrated part of the process of living.

Mars in Pisces -- What Happens?
Mars in Pisces, however, is a complex energy with plenty of pitfalls to consider. First of all, it's an indicator of taking action secretly, privately, covertly. This can certainly describe a desire to maintain strict confidentiality about your work -- for any number of legitimate reasons ... including everything from simple shyness to outright paranoia.

But, you may also be acting out of anxiety, phobic responses, or even obsessions -- for the darker sides of this energy include "acting compulsively" -- or even insanely. It can indicate you are acting without all the information you need -- or perhaps acting on incorrect information.

It indicates taking action indirectly or obliquely because of -- or despite -- fears you may not want to acknowledge. It can also indicate sabotage and self-sabotage -- and being blocked by something you can't define, describe, or "get a grip on," something nebulous, mysterious, or intangible.

In other words, something sneaky or unknown may be happening behind the scenes and out of sight that hinders your action or that will cause you to act differently once all the pieces to the puzzle reveal themselves.

So, while the creative ideas may be fabulous -- the action you take at this time may not do them justice. Or you may be reluctant to openly reveal just what is going on -- for some reason. Or someone else's behavior may undermine your efforts.

Saturn's Influences on the 12 Houses
For an example how the planets and the Houses interact, consider the case of Saturn in the various 12 Houses.
As CafeAstrology have written on their site: "Saturn takes about 28-29 years to come full circle. We can expect Saturn to spend some time in each of our 12 houses. Unless you work with an equal house system, however, the length of Saturn's transit through a house will depend on how big each house is. Saturn will spend approximately 2-1/2 years in an "average"-size house of 30 degrees.
Note that Saturn's effect is to crystallize, to ground, and to solidify. Generally, the effect of Saturn transiting a house is felt in a more pronounced way in the first part of its transit through the house, as well as when it forms aspects to natal planets. Toward the end of the house, the native tends to have gained increased understanding—experience, if you will—with the effects. Saturn's movement by transit through the houses acts to aid us to learn to depend on ourselves in different areas of life. At first, we generally encounter feelings of being thwarted or unsupported by the outside world in the particular areas of life that are ruled by the house. By the end of the house transit, we will have learned to look within ourselves for support.
In general, as Saturn passes through the fire houses (the first, fifth, and ninth, we deal with self-confidence issues and how these issues have affected our lives and our productivity. Through the earth houses (the second, sixth, and tenth), we confront issues of self-worth and effectiveness. Through the air houses (the third, seventh, and eleventh), we evaluate our relationships with others and how much (or how little) we can depend on these, as well as our mental outlook. Through the water houses (the fourth, eighth, and twelfth), we re-evaluate our inner stores of faith, our connection with the past, and our psychological workings.
Saturn makes us accountable for ourselves wherever it touches. Each house governs specific areas of our lives, and of our personalities, and transits of Saturn will bring these areas up for "inspection", re-organization, and restructure."

Here is what happens when Saturn transits each of the 12 Houses:

Saturn in the First House
WHEN Saturn transits your First House, changes in self, appearance, confidence, a new identity and a possible job change or relocation are possible. Throughout this transit period of two and one-half years, you will discover a subtle maturation process at work. Making important personal commitments is one of the hallmarks of this passage. Breaking bad habits and replacing them with good ones come more easily to you now. You are sure to be image-conscious, but not in a frivolous or shallow way. How you present yourself and your ideas is paramount to enhancing your self-esteem at this time.

Saturn in the Second House
WHEN Saturn transits through your 2nd House of Money and Values. Taurus, you are efficient, practical and highly capable when it comes to handling money. But when Saturn transits your sector of personal finances, there is no telling what you can accomplish, especially at the time when Jupiter aligns with Saturn. WOW!

The Saturn in Gemini transit inspires you to be particularly aggressive in saving money or making sensible investments. You are concerned with resources of all kinds now and eager to put your inventory in order. This is a time when you are likely to become involved in collecting antiques or other decorative objects of value. You have a special appreciation for items that are both beautiful and useful.

It is possible that you may have an opportunity to take on a second job during this transit. Not only do you have the discipline to work harder than usual, but your natural ability and intelligence is well received by others, especially potential employers. If you handle all of your money matters wisely, you can leave this transit much better off than when you began it. Saturn in the Third House
WHEN Saturn transits your Third House, it stirs up issues relating to Communication, Writing, Siblings, Neighbors, and the Oldest Son. This is the sector of your day-to-day life and it is the job of Saturn to put more structure into your existence. Whether you work at home or outside of the home, expect your daily schedule to take on more importance. The way you communicate with others at this time may find you depending more on cell phones, faxes, e-mail and other electronic gadgets to get your message across. Even if your schedule does not undergo any severe changes, it is certain you will gradually find yourself taking on more and more responsibility.

Travel may become an important part of your life at this time, particularly if it is for business purposes. If you are job hunting now, it is likely that the next position you decide to accept will require you to do a great deal of traveling. While Saturn is in Gemini in your 3rd House, it brings the ideal time for you to break away from the negative habits in your day-to-day life, whether the desire is to stop smoking, stop arriving late to work, or stop gossiping, now is the time to clean up your act. Aries natives are generally very focused individuals, but if there is any area of your daily existence where you are lacking, you can be sure that Saturn will put you on the path of change.

Saturn in the 4th House
Saturn will transit through your 4th House of home environment, the mother, property, foundation, endings, and the latter part of life. The transit of Saturn in Gemini through the sector of home and domestic matters involves coming to grips with vital areas of your past and present life. Issues that you may have been avoiding for many years are certain to take center stage now, regardless of whether you feel ready to deal with them. This is particularly true in matters relating to parents and other primary family members. Even if your parents are dead, you could find yourself trying to reconcile the relationship, This is a tine when you may find yourself questioning the authenticity of your own actions. Are you living up to the standards you set for yourself, or merely repeating patterns that were set in your childhood and adolescence? This Saturn transit will help you to see the truth about yourself and to liberate yourself from the illusions of the past. Don��t fear this process, but embrace it. All relationships are improved if the parties involved know and accept the truth.

On a practical level, this transit influences your choice of residence. You may decide to move, or if you have always been an apartment dweller, you could feel the time has come to buy a house. Any real estate transaction can be fortunate for you during this time period.

Saturn in the Fifth House
WHEN Saturn transits your Fifth House, expect a Saturnian influence in regards to creativity, children, romance, love affairs, speculation and sports. When Saturn travels through your sector of romance and creativity, it tests and challenges you in ways you might not have thought possible. Where romance is concerned, this transit could represent a time of profound truth in a love affair. What may have seemed like a little more than a pleasant romantic diversion could easily blossom into something deeper, more profound and lasting. Getting serious, and staying that way, can be a difficult task, especially in this day and age. With Saturn in command, you are able to see the greater purpose in such a relationship.

Creative plans will do very well under this transit, because Saturn provides the physical and emotional endurance to stick with a project from beginning to end.

Saturn in the Sixth House
In his excellent "Astrocartography" site Robert Couteau writes: "Saturn corresponds to the cosmic "laws of limitation." On the mundane level it symbolizes social limitations imposed on the individual in the form of collectively agreed upon rules and socially accepted or created norms and limits of behavior. On the cosmic level, Saturn symbolizes the "just so" nature of physical and biological reality: that water freezes at precisely thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit; that light travels at 299,792.5 kilometers per second; that argon has an atomic weight of 39.948. These are just a few of the immutable natural laws that govern our universe. Saturn symbolically portrays this mysterious process through which reality is "fixed" at predetermined levels."

In more simple discussions about astrology (ie, the newspaper horoscopes focussing on such mundane issues as love, jobs and lottery tickets), Saturn is portrayed as a stern, restrictive taskmaster. This is an extremely narrow view of Saturn's energies, and I applaud Robert Coutea for trying to expand public understanding of this astrological body. Rather than being an old fart and "pain in the neck" that creates obstacles in our lives for the mere pleasure of it, Saturn should be understood as a tool of Manifestation. It is my own theory (copyright Uncloned World February 2005!) that Saturn in the Sixth House is your golden chance to learn how manipulate reality, using the power of Saturn multiplied by the power of Virgo, the ruler of the Sixth House.

On a personal note, I am an Aquarian, and Saturn has been traversing my Sixth House since March 2003. In the time since Saturn entered my Sixth House, I have made any number of discoveries about how to manipulate the physical world. Living in Japan at the time, I discovered the wonderful curative powers of Japanese green tea, garlic, Korean ginseng, and many other substances . This ultimately led me to other esoteric Asian disciplines, such as Feng Shui, Paper Burning Magic, and so on. Saturn in the Sixth House was the key to these discoveries.

Saturn in the Seventh House
WHEN Saturn transits your Seventh House expect transformation of the sphere of partnerships, marriage, public relations, other people and open enemies. In this phase of your spiritual evolution, you can be certain that your relationship will be tested to the extreme.

Saturn in the Eighth House
HOW do you handle power? What kind of obsessions and addictions do you have? What are your deep-rooted compulsions? What are your unhealthy attachments? When Saturn transits your Eighth House, expect a Saturnian influence on the spheres of sex, death, power, regeneration, and a more superficial level, taxes and inheritances and other people's money (OPM). The Eighth House is the universal home of Scorpio, the secret chamber where all of your thoughts and desires are buried. This area of the chart shows how you merge with others in sex, business and financial matters and brings about a regeneration of mind and spirit. You will now be concerned with finding your own identity through your association with others.
During this transit, we may find that previous methods of controlling our environment and the people in our lives simply are not effective any more. We may not even be aware just how we have been employing power and control to date. Another realm over which the eighth house reigns is our mortality. With Saturn here, we become much more aware of our mortality. Just as Saturn transits to our Sun or Ascendant make us more conscious of our age, Saturn transiting the eighth house often brings with it a realization that we do not live forever. Of course, we know this as a fact at the back of our minds, but Saturn reminds us. Before this transit, it is generally wise to begin organizing one's finances. If we don't, Saturn will most likely find ways to force us to do just that. On a psychological level, we face some of our fears that are of a compulsive nature—those fears that lead us to believe we need certain things in order to survive.

Saturn in the Ninth House
WHEN Saturn transits your Ninth House, expect an influence upon spheres of life pertaining to foreign lands, higher education, the law, in-laws, long trips, religion and the sub-conscious mind. The Ninth House represents your desire to expand your horizons, both in the material and spiritual sense. Your hopes and dreams have a chance of becoming a reality now. Remember, we actualize what we visualize. Spiritual matters are high on your list, but not in the esoteric sense. At this point in your life, Libra, you are concerned with examining your personal value system more closely. Now you want to apply spiritual laws and understanding to yourself and how you live each day.

Saturn in the Tenth House
WHEN Saturn transits your Tenth House, it influences the spheres of fame, fortune, the father, ego, status, reputation, profession and authorities. If you have been working hard on your career goals during the past few years, you can expect this period to be a time when your efforts are finally rewarded. While this does not necessarily mean that you will get the acclaim and financial rewards you want, you will definitely be given the opportunity to achieve your professional aspirations. Increased responsibilities go hand in hand with this Saturn transit. If you are looking to take on extra work, you will get the opportunity to do so. Saturn is a part of the maturation process, and this transit forces us to come of age.

Saturn in the Eleventh House
WHEN Saturn transits your Eventh House, it affects the arena of friends, groups, love received as well as circumstances beyond your control. This transit also gives an indication of the kind of people you will attract and the friends you can make during this time period. Because you are specifically looking to draw influential people into your sphere, it is very likely that you will do just that. In particular, you may meet someone at this time who fills a role of mentor or a parent surrogate in your life. You may even fall in love with an older mate. Since the Eventh House is also the sector of your hopes and wishes, this individual may represent a wish fulfillment on your part for someone to take on that role. Likewise, during this transit, you may have the opportunity to become a mentor to someone you know who is much younger and inexperienced.

Saturn in the Twelfth House
WHEN Saturn transits your Twelfth House, expect an influence on illness, hospitals, prisons, secret matters and dreams. When Saturn moves through the sector of secret wishes and dreams, you are uniquely aware that a long cycle is coming to a conclusion. It takes approximately 29 years for Saturn to make one complete trip around the Zodiac. Each new cycle, celebrated every two and one-half years, completes a learning process. Does this mean that the transit through the Twelfth House lacks significance? Definitely not. It brings about the final changes preparing you for this new cycle, such as secret enemies undermining you at work, causing a change of jobs and relocation. The necessity to care for an elderly parent in your home. Developing new projects, finishing up with school or job training, bringing with it the possibility of a new life style. This is a time of increased psychic abilities and awareness as you are keenly attuned to your past, present and future. You can expect dreams to become an important part of your life, and in order to understand their meaning, it is important to keep a dream journal. Once you grow accustomed to exploring this inner world of your own making, you can use this knowledge to confront and solve problems during your sleep states as well as in your waking life.

Trines -- When Pluto Trines Venus

As you no doubt know Venus is the planet of love while Pluto is the planet of the Deep. When Pluto trines Venus, important relationships are stripped back, until all that remains is the pure truth buried deep inside. In my own case, in mid May 2006, I find my own relationship on the brink of collapse... and I feel the only way to safe it is to uncover and unlock all the painful aspects of it which have been repressed, speak the truths which have been unspoke, and generally show my own heart. It hasn't been easy, for along with the deepest truths, buried fears and ancient pains are being exhumed as well. In order to get through the process a little easier, I want to explore what a Pluto-trines-Venus experience actually means, and why they help the world turn around, in an astrological sense at least.

Let me begin with this: does a Pluto-trines-Venus event necessarily mean your relationship is going to be destroyed, as I currently fear? Astrological consultant Frank Don says that in fact "relationship issues can be sorted out as Venus trines Pluto on the 25th (of May 2006)". Don goes on to write: "There is a great deal of emotion as we begin the month. Our concerns may revolve around our home and family, our financial condition and our debt load, and the question as to whether inflation, both overt and covert, could end up eating us alive." This was certainly the case for me -- although Pluto and Vensu had nothing to do with it, I did suffer a lot of financial insecurity at the beginning of the month, which developed into a sense of elation as I found exciting new work. The Good Don continues: "Relationship issues can be sorted out as Venus trines Pluto on the 25th. Our passions are engaged, our interactions deep and strong. Someone could come to our assistance and prove an important cheerleader to our dreams. We may find ourselves widening our perspective and enjoying the company of those from different backgrounds."

I found some more positive news about trines in general, from About Astrology: "We see a trine in a chart when two planets are 120 degrees from each other. As with the other major Aspects, the acceptable orb for a trine is eight degrees. This Aspect possesses a soft energy.

"Trines are approximately four Signs apart by virtue of their 120 angle. As a result, we can expect the planets involved to usually be of the same Element, be it Fire, Air, Earth or Water.

"A trine allows for the easy flow of energy between two planets. This Aspect is generally favorable, and light and joyous in nature. Translated to the individual, trines are indicative of fun, creativity, an easy spirit and bounteous talent. Pleasure is the byword here, coupled with a sense of idealism and ease in doing things. If there is a shadow side to a trine (or to the presence of several trines in a horoscope), it is a willingness to do little, to accept gifts already bestowed and leave it at that. The beauty of a trine's energy is that it doesn't require much action to be activated. One is often blessed with minimal effort. The presence of trines in a horoscope also serve to balance out other less-favorable Aspects."

This is the accepted view of astrology. Given this reckoning, I could assume that the coming Pluto/Venus Trine will allow me to easily, almost pleasantly unearth and exhume the deep truths and pains inherent in my relationship with C., and bring them to the surface. It doesn't have to be a painful process -- and in fact I find myself feeling a kind of glee, in exposing myself to my beloved. There is a kind of power to be had in knowing the astrological cycles and how to profit from them.

Another possible view is this: May 2006's Venus/Pluto Trine could be the thing which prompts me to create a new personal definition of love, sex and romance. Perhaps the relationship with C. will go into hibernation for a while; but a new relationship is coming (or an old relationship is about to be reborn. I can feel it!)

From Chakrass: "It is revelatory that Scorpio has three incarnations �^��the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix.

The Scorpion phase pulls us deep inside ourselves so that we can examine our subconscious programming and limiting beliefs. We must disentangle ourselves to set ourselves free. The Eagle liberates us to another level of understanding. From its higher perspective we see the truth of who we are and what we can become. We are motivated to let go of restrictions and false gods. Scorpio offers any dysfunctions, pain, negative programming, etc. to its own funeral pyre. When all the excess baggage is transformed into ashes, the Phoenix rises and Scorpio is liberated."

Another website - The Alexander Technique, though unrelated to astrology, has given me another clue as to the mutserious three phases of Scorpio. Perhaps the first phase (Scorpion) could be called the phase of Awareness. "Awareness includes intention and attention - having clarity and presence in the daily activities of life." The second phase (The Eagle) could be compared with the property of Inhibition: "Inhibition means withholding one's immediate response and changing strategies when the old ones no longer seem effective." The final triumphant phase of Scorpio, the Phoenix, could be compared with the quality of Direction: "Direction allows us to carry out our intentions with ease and efficiency."

As I stated above, I have been experiencing Scorpio-style effects in my life since the end of 2003, and I believe this process will conclude at the end of 2008. Recently I have been obsessed with the idea that there is "three stages of Scorpio". As if in answer to my wonderings, I encounter Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul's website, Esoteric Astrology, which claims that Scorpio function s "in providing points of crisis and moments of reorientation." The site goes on to claim: "The tests of Scorpio are necessarily three in nature as they concern intimately the readiness of the threefold personality: 1. To reorient itself to the life of the soul and later.
2. To evidence readiness for initiation.
3. To demonstrate sensitivity to the Plan thus becoming the one-pointed disciple in Sagittarius."

The site goes on to say: "The three major tests are again divided into three stages, and upon the Path of Discipleship the man may find himself passing into this sign for testing and experience nine times. The fact of the three tests each existing in their three stages may convey a hint to esoteric astrologers as to the purpose of the three decanates into which each sign is divided - a point upon which I shall hope to touch when we come to our study of the Science of Triangles. Each test (and therefore each decanate) concerns the three aspects which in this Treatise on the Seven Rays we have called: life, quality and appearance. Thus the three great [204] tests in Scorpio are in reality nine tests and hence the nine-headed Hydra or Serpent which is ever associated with Scorpio and hence also the nature of the stupendous victory achieved by Hercules, the Sun-God, in this sign."

Why is that Leo so unassuming and self-abnegating? Isn't Leo a flamboyant sign? He has a Capricorn Ascendant. That Pisces friend who is always running around, talking about everything under the Sun, has a Gemini Ascendant. That man who has been married quite a few times, who is given to some fairly rude and shocking "observations" about others. He has a rather critcal Virgo Moon and a say-it-like-it-is Mercury in Aquarius. However, he always seems to come across as a nice guy. His Libra Ascendant gives him a smooth, overall charm that keeps people from thinking him difficult (except perhaps, his ex-wives).

The Ascendant (or rising sign) is often considered the mask one wears when meeting others. Perhaps it is most aptly thought of as the automatic responses to one's environment. The Ascendant shows our natural defenses and how we cope with day-to-day issues. The energies of the sign and condition of the Ascendant are most overt and obvious to others. The Ascendant shows an individual's first, natural reaction to new people and situations.

Calculate Your Rising Sign
          Remember, this is a rough estimation by rule of thumb, not a sophisticated calculator!

The Sign rising over the horizon at the time of your birth is the Ascendant, or Rising Sign. This changes approximately every two hours. Even twins born as little as five minutes apart could have different ascendants, which would make a real difference in their horoscopes and so in their personalities.

To use the estimator, look along the row that matches your birth time until you come to the column matching your Sun Sign. The sign shown there is your Rising Sign, unless you were born in a very high latitude, or on a cusp, or at a time (say 2pm) when signs are changing. If so, you need your horoscope calculated accurately to determine your true Ascendant. (Remember to check & allow for daylight saving or summer time when you were born).

Sun SignAriesTaurusGeminiCancerLeoVirgoLibraScorpioSagittariusCapricornAquariusPisces
4am-6am Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
2am-4am Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius
midnight-2am Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn
10pm-midnight Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
8pm-10pm Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
6pm-8pm Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra
4pm-6pm Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
2pm-4pm Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo
noon-2pm Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer
10am-noon Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini
8am-10am Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus
6am-8am Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries

DO you sometimes feel your life is going backward, and Fate is being particularly cruel to you? Check the following charts, if that is the case -- you could be experiencing a planet in retrograde motion! According to the Astrology on the Web site: "As a rule, retrograde planets presage a period of seemingly inevitable or fated events, which relate to their sphere of influence. They present us with a series of events over which we seem to have little or no control, relating especially to the sign in which the retrogradation occurs. For example, Mercury retrograde in Virgo presents quite different sets of circumstances from those generated when it retrogrades into Leo. A retrograde period is best seen as a cycle, beginning when the planet begins to slow to a halt before travelling backwards through the zodiac and ending when the planet returns to the point where it first paused. However, during the cycle, the planet's energy is most powerful (and more likely to generate critical events of universal importance) when the planet makes a station, appearing motionless in the sky." So, the Retrograde Station date is the one where the real punch will be felt.

Calibrate these following charts with your own lives, and you will see that many of your important moments and milestones took place during a planetary retrograde period, or perhaps on a Retrograde Station or Direct Station date. I know, in the case of my own life, this is definitely the case.


The swift moving planet Mercury goes into reverse gear more frequently than any other planet, about 3 or 4 times a year. The dreaded "Mercury Retrograde" disrupts the thinking mind, communications, the ability to come to agreements with others, decision making, etc. It's best not to make important decisions while Mercury is moving backwards, and all plans should be reviewed later to find the gaping holes in logic that often creep in.

This year (2005), for example, Mercury turns retrograde on March 20, 2005. This awkward period begins a few days before the actual turning point (as Mercury slows) and lasts for three weeks or so, until April 12, when the Winged Messenger reached his direct station. At this time he halts and begins his return to direct motion through the zodiac. Everything finally straightens out on May 1, 2005, as he passes the point where he first turned retrograde. Mercury turns retrograde three times a year, as a rule, but the effects of each period differ, according to the sign in which it happens.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-1-192001-2-3 at 0Pi422001-2-25 at 15Aq252001-3-17
2001-5-192001-6-3 at 29Gm582001-6-27 at 21Gm162001-7-12
2001-9-112001-10-1 at 29Li412001-10-22 at 14Li122001-11-7
2002-1-22002-1-18 at 14Aq292002-2-8 at 28Cp382002-2-28
2002-5-12002-5-15 at 9Gm592002-6-8 at 1Gm212002-6-23
2002-8-262002-9-14 at 13Li152002-10-6 at 29Vi192002-10-21
2002-12-162003-1-2 at 28Cp282003-1-22 at 12Cp182003-2-11
2003-4-122003-4-26 at 20Ta332003-5-20 at 11Ta072003-6-5
2003-8-82003-8-28 at 26Vi192003-9-20 at 12Vi122003-10-4
2003-11-292003-12-17 at 12Cp342004-1-6 at 26Sa162004-1-25
2004-3-232004-4-6 at 1Ta562004-4-30 at 21Ar072004-5-17
2004-7-212004-8-9 at 8Vi462004-9-2 at 25Le442004-9-16
2004-11-112004-11-30 at 26Sa452004-12-20 at 10Sa272005-1-7
2005-3-52005-3-19 at 14Ar062005-4-12 at 1Ar452005-4-30
2005-7-42005-7-22 at 20Le282005-8-15 at 8Le452005-8-29
2005-10-252005-1-13 at 10Sa562005-12-3 at 24Sc442005-12-21
2006-2-162006-3-2 at 26Pi552006-3-25 at 13Pi112006-4-13

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-3-172001-5-11 at 29Sa032001-7-19 at 15Sa072001-9-6
2003-6-172003-7-29 at 10Pi082003-9-27 at 0Pi072003-11-7
2005-8-112005-10-1 at 23Ta222005-12-9 at 8Ta142006-2-3


Jupiter, like Saturn, is a social planet. Its actions affect people in a very holistic manner. The retrograde of Jupiter causes us to reevaluate our ethics as a society. Philosophies are rewritten, religious or spiritual beliefs are questioned and the very fibers of our being are scrutinized. When Jupiter was retrograde between September 2000 and January 2001, I completed one of the profoundest changes in my life -- I left behind my home and my past in Australia and became a permanent international vagabond, free to roam the Earth for all eternity. I have never looked back since that moment, and I believe Jupiter in retrograde mode helped me create a new ethic and way of life for myself that survives even now. As of February 1 2005 a new Jovian retrograde period begins, and I have realised what it is all about, for me anyway -- it will be the time to instigate a new approach to dating women, living for the moment, and playing the field generally in times of life experiences. Just like in September 2000, I can feel a new revolution taking hold in my life -- a personal cultural revolution, a sexual revolution. Jupiter is a planet of "luck", opportunities, and contacts with the world at large. Thus, when Jupiter is retrograde, the support provided by others dries up, leaving us to get by on our own resources (which can, of course, be just what we need to create a new independent way of life, for ourselves, by ourselves! Even though conditions can be challenging in a time of Jovian backward movement, remember this -- if you can survive this period with so little, you're sure to thrive later when the support resumes. For a 3000-year list of Jupiter retrograde tables, click here.

And here is an account of what can happen when Jupiter suddenly goes direct again:
"Jupiter rules a sense of well being, of being ageless, living forever, being immortal, and people are going to want to PARTY despite the pall of war hanging over the world. But with Jupiter going direct, it's not going to be a quiet party."

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-7-42000-9-29 at 11Gm142001-1-25 at 1Gm112001-4-19
2001-8-82001-11-2 at 15Cn412002-3-1 at 5Cn372002-5-27
2002-9-82002-12-4 at 18Le062003-4-3 at 8Le042003-7-1
2003-10-82004-1-3 at 18Vi542004-5-4 at 8Vi552004-8-2
2004-11-62005-2-1 at 18Li522005-6-5 at 8Li562005-9-2
2005-12-72006-3-4 at 18Sc522006-7-6 at 8Sc592006-10-2


Saturn retrograde is probably the least pleasant influence around. Saturn is a hard-nosed, Mr. Brass Tacks himself, the teacher with the big ruler that insists you dot all your I's and cross all your T's before recess. He teaches us about responsibility and claiming our authority in the world, a class (Character Building 101) many of us would rather skip. Needless to say, this kind of discipline and skill is very useful later, even though the cycle itself is rough to get through. Being born in a time when Saturn is retrograde can have a special impact on your life. To find out if natally a Saturn retrograde, click here.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-6-82000-9-12 at 0Gm592001-1-24 at 24Ta04 2001-4-28
2001-6-232001-9-26 at 14Gm582002-2-7 at 8Gm022002-5-12
2002-7-82002-10-11 at 29Gm052003-2-22 at 22Gm082003-5-27
2003-7-222003-10-25 at 13Cn142004-3-7 at 6Cn172004-6-10
2004-8-52004-11-8 at 27Cn212005-3-21 at 20Cn242005-6-25
2005-8-192005-11-22 at 11Le192006-4-5 at 4Le222006-7-10


Uranus is the planet of insight and revolutionary change, the lit dynamite stick about to blow apart existing structures. When Uranus goes into reverse gear, some area of your life that's gotten too cozy and settled is under intense pressure to transform. Frequently, this involves a marked shift in mental outlook or attitudes, taking a radical new look at things you once took for granted. The changes can be exciting, although the stress of letting go of something familiar may be strong. Be extra flexible during this time. Pay attention to "unexpected coincidences" and "accidents" now, as they can be the clues that point you in the directions you need to pursue.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-2-72000-5-25 at 20Aq492000-10-26 at 16Aq542001-2-9
2001-2-102001-5-29 at 24Aq502001-10-30 at 20Aq542002-2-13
2002-2-142002-6-2 at 28Aq502002-11-4 at 24Aq542003-2-18
2003-2-192003-6-7 at 2Pi492003-11-8 at 28Aq542004-2-22
2004-2-232004-6-10 at 6Li482004-11-11 at 2Pi522005-2-25
2005-2-262005-6-14 at 10Pi462005-11-15 at 6Pi502006-3-2


Neptune is the ruler of dreams and ideals, as well as a sensitivity to the subtler dimensions of living. Retrograde Neptune is a time to reassess these guiding visions in our lives. Even the most noble purpose can become a limiting straitjacket or misguided passion when it has outlived its usefulness. This is a time of confusion and reevaluation, a time when our self-image as a "knight in shining armor" shows some rust and tarnish. Above all, this is a time to distinguish between true vision and a glamorous self-deception. The element of selflessness is very important with Neptune, so don't get hung up about being a supporting actor instead of the main star.

Note that these retrograde zones overlap slightly. In these overlap regions, Neptune passes over 5 times, not 3!

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-1-172000-5-8 at 6Aq352000-10-15 at 3Aq482001-2-3
2001-1-182001-5-10 at 8Aq472001-10-17 at 6Aq002002-2-5
2002-1-212002-5-13 at 10Aq592002-10-20 at 8Aq122003-2-8
2003-1-232003-5-15 at 13Aq112003-10-22 at 10Aq242004-2-10
2004-1-262004-5-17 at 15Aq242004-10-24 at 12Aq372005-2-12
2005-1-272005-5-19 at 17Aq362005-10-26 at 14Aq492006-2-14


Pluto cycles are lessons in letting go. Most of us identify strongly with things, people, and ideas that really have nothing to do with who we really are. Pluto comes along and strips away these false identifications, helping us discover our authentic selves. Sometimes there's a tendency to get a little power crazed during these cycles, but it's always best to operate in the most selfless manner possible. Trying to manipulate people or situations for personal gain now will invariably produce some kind of backlash in the end. Prepare yourself to be remade to your depths.

Note that these retrograde zones overlap slightly. In these overlap regions, Pluto passes over 5 times, not 3!

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2000-11-292001-3-17 at 15Sa172001-8-23 at 12Sa322001-12-11
2001-12-12002-3-20 at 17Sa382002-8-26 at 14Sa542002-12-14
2002-12-42003-3-22 at 19Sa572003-8-28 at 17Sa142003-12-17
2003-12-62004-3-24 at 22Sa152004-8-30 at 19Sa322004-12-19
2004-12-72005-3-26 at 24Sa312005-9-2 at 21Sa492005-12-21


When the Great Mother Ceres turns retrograde on us, the entire notion of mothering and nurturance is up for grabs in our lives. This goes far beyond "just children", since Ceres describes the ways we give to and receive loving support from others. You're being forced to reconsider what you really care about. Some of our "babies" must be allowed to grow up and fly the coop if our attachments are holding them back. It's also important to recognize whether you are rejecting or filtering out the love others are extending to you during these cycles. Sometimes, the most cruel person in your life is yourself. It's time to reconnect with the web of life and loving.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-3-12001-5-26 at 22Cp492001-8-27 at 8Cp452001-11-13
2002-5-162002-8-13 at 18Ar062002-11-23 at 3Ar482003-2-7
2003-9-122003-11-23 at 25Cn222004-2-25 at 11Cn372004-5-5
2005-1-92005-3-21 at 25Sc062005-6-26 at 11Sc322005-9-8


Pallas relates to themes of creativity, initiative and planning. Frequently, Pallas retrograde is a time when you must concentrate more fully on some creative endeavor. There's often a need to rethink your plans and come up with a new approach to some situation. It may seem like there's a conflict between the head and the heart, although it's possible to go beyond this apparent conflict and have it both ways. You may be experiencing troubles adjusting to situations where you don't naturally fit in, requiring compromise or creative resolution on your part. This is often a "mental" period when the emotional life takes a back seat to something more important.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-1-122001-4-5 at 16Sa002001-7-18 at 27Sc142001-10-14
2002-3-112002-6-13 at 29Aq082002-10-8 at 10Aq382003-1-14
2003-5-162003-8-22 at 28Ar432003-12-6 at 9Ar192004-2-22
2004-11-152005-2-1 at 12Li372005-5-11 at 23Vi232005-8-5
2006-2-102006-5-7 at 19Cp372006-8-24 at 0Cp492006-11-26


The ideal partnership is based on equality and fairness. During a Juno retrograde cycle, our ability to live up to this ideal is tested and perfected. Are you prone to power games, lording control over your partner and giving in excessively? Do you try to covertly manipulate the other person or express "love" in a way that entraps them? Relationships work only if the two people enter it with strength and integrity, and recognize and encourage those same traits in the other person. Bad relationships sometimes break up during these cycles, if there's no way to salvage them. This is a time to discover how good a partner you can be.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-10-212001-12-25 at 0Vi032002-3-27 at 15Le152002-6-13
2002-12-122003-3-8 at 20Sc292003-6-29 at 4Sc432003-9-7
2004-2-202004-5-16 at 24Cp452004-9-1 at 9Cp102004-11-19
2005-9-112005-11-1 at 22Gm532006-1-14 at 12Gm132006-3-9


Vesta rules over a core sense of identity and independence, a kind of faithfulness to yourself that allows no compromise or selling out. You are focused or centered in yourself, able to tap into the great powers of the self when you act out of truthfulness and integrity. When Vesta is in reverse, this fidelity to yourself is tested. Situations come up that force you to decide how much integrity really means to you and how much you'd rather "slide through life". She teaches us to be beholden to nobody, to stand up and be responsible for ourselves, to demand the best of every experience.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit
2001-7-242001-10-9 at 13Gm292002-1-14 at 27Ta472002-3-31
2002-12-52003-2-11 at 12Li352003-5-10 at 28Vi212003-7-15
2004-5-202004-7-27 at 28Pi232004-10-27 at 13Pi532005-1-6
2005-9-32005-11-18 at 23Cn122006-2-23 at 7Cn312006-5-8


Chiron was the original wounded healer in mythology. He was the offspring of one of Zeus' playful matings, born half-man, half-horse. Abandoned at birth, Chiron grew to maturity alone and without support. When Chiron is retrograde, it is time to discover previously unrecognized abilities within ourselves. Often, the most beaten down parts of ourselves are actually our greatest strengths. Like the baby abandoned at birth, these parts of our pysche ache deeply -- but they are incredibly strong and resilient because they had to be to survive. Chiron is an initiator, helping us break through to possibilities undreamed of. However, you must be willing to take the initiative, consciously stepping out of life-as-usual. On the issue of Chiron, this asteroid will exert a major influence on the year 2005 and first half of 2006, according to Vivian Weaver. Vivian says: "Throughout the two year period which began last summer (2004), old emotional issues may be brought to consciousness and we will be forced to search out solutions. We can no longer pretend the baggage is not there and we cannot blame others for its cause. Many will struggle with the root fear of abandonment and isolation. The Inner Critic may be louder than we've ever experienced. This Critic will attack the self in vicious tirades or may act as a toxin, poisoning the atmosphere with name-calling and fear mongering. If you hear one individual attacking another, you hear someone who is avoiding his/her own pain. The Chiron theme is not about senseless beating by the cosmic energies. It is about feeling just enough ache to seek relief that truly works." From my own experience, I agree with Vivian's call -- this year (2005) is a Chironic year, but it will be a healing year. A dose of the Chronic can even be seen in the Asian Tsunami of December 2004 -- a vicious event which may end up healing some of the scars of humanity in the long run. For more information on Chiron and its movements, click here.

EntranceRetrograde StationDirect StationExit From Atsrolabe: "Name: Robert Sullivan February 2 1973 5:00 PM Time Zone is AEDT Condobolin, AUSTL Rising Sign is in 23 Degrees Gemini Extremely active by nature, you like to get around, meet people and do different things. Very restless, you just can't seem to stay put. You need to be involved in several projects at once in order to keep your mind stimulated. You like to read books and to write letters and to talk -- constantly. Seemingly ageless, you will always appear to be much younger than you really are. Very adaptable and inquisitive, you are always open to new ideas and experiences. A "jack-of-all-trades", you are lively and versatile. Because of the high nervous tension that you always seem to have, athletic activity would be a good way for you to burn off energy. But be careful of a tendency to experience things only superficially -- try to dig in and absorb things at a deeper level. Sun is in 13 Degrees Aquarius. You get bored with the status quo and are generally open to new things and ideas. An individualist and a free spirit, your friends are quite important to you as long as they do not try to tie you down by making too many emotional demands on you. Your thoughts are offbeat and you're a bit eccentric, but not always very changeable. As a matter of fact, you can be quite stubborn at times. Very fair-minded when dealing with large groups or broad issues, you are not always emotionally sensitive to the needs of individuals. Extremely objective, with good powers of observation, you would be qualified to study technical and complicated subjects, like science, computers or maybe even astrology. Moon is in 00 Degrees Aquarius. Very freedom-oriented, you must always be able to do what you wish, no matter what. You become stubborn and recalcitrant when others try to force you into a mold. You are a true democrat -- you are not a follower, but you enjoy being with those who are like-minded. You appreciate emotional self-control -- you practice it yourself and you look for it in others. You solve problems, including emotional ones, with your brains and intellect, not your feelings.

Mercury is in 16 Degrees Aquarius. You tend to be very opinionated -- you have strongly felt notions about things and are quite vocal about expressing and defending them. Yet you are also an original thinker -- you enjoy shocking others with your offbeat, original thoughts. You appreciate and need mental and intellectual stimulation. Your judgment is usually fair and impartial -- you can be a good critic because you can remain objective and unemotional about most things. Venus is in 26 Degrees Capricorn. You tend to keep your feelings under control -- emotions are only released in serious or important situations. You are distrustful of others whose behavior could be judged excessive or immoderate. As such, you prefer to relate only to those who are older than you or to those whose position is such that respect and duty are more important for both of you than passion or emotional response. Be careful, however, of relationships that are merely based on practicality or utility or you will ultimately be lonely. Mars is in 23 Degrees Sagittarius. Your every action is motivated by high moral standards and ideals. You will work very hard to improve the lot of the world at large, but you demand action about it -- you do not like to just sit around and talk about doing it in an abstract manner. You like to be where the real action is. You resist mightily any attempts to limit your freedom and you will assist anyone who feels put down and restricted. You are extremely restless by nature -- physical exercise is very important to you if you would maintain your health. Jupiter is in 25 Degrees Capricorn. You tend to feel that the only results that are worthwhile are the results that are concrete and demonstrable. You distrust abstract solutions and appreciate measurable achievements. An excellent organizer and planner, you are optimistic as well as practical and realistic about what can and what cannot happen. Very responsible, you consider it a personal weakness to be wrong about anything. This makes you appropriately cautious. You are very efficient but you tend to be cool and detached. Saturn is in 13 Degrees Gemini. You are such a clear thinker and speaker, with a logical orderly mind, that you are repulsed by abstract, intangible or unorganized thoughts or ideas. But you tend to get uptight about speaking in public because you are afraid to be wrong. Remember that the best way to learn is by making mistakes. Also, you will be so carefully prepared that you probably will not make many mistakes anyway. To be interesting to you, ideas have to be practical and useful. Uranus is in 23 Degrees Libra. You, as well as your entire peer group, have a very free, unstable and unconventional approach to relationships and emotional commitments. You will be attracted to experiments in marriage and shared lifestyles. Personal freedom is more important to you than entangling emotional bonds. In the realm of art and aesthetics, you are attracted to the bizarre, shocking and unusual. Neptune is in 07 Degrees Sagittarius. You, and your entire generation, are heavily involved in investigating and idealizing foreign and exotic intellectual systems and religious philosophies. The most extreme ideals will be pursued with gusto. You will be at the forefront of humanitarian attempts to improve the lot of those who are in need of assistance. You will be comfortable with the concept of the "global village." Pluto is in 04 Degrees Libra. For your entire generation, this is a time of radical changes in society's attitude toward marriage and interpersonal relationships. There is a general fear and awe at the power inherent in making emotional or contractual commitments -- they will not be entered into lightly. N. Node is in 16 Degrees Capricorn. You rarely get involved closely with anyone unless he or she has something specific and practical to offer you. You tend to be "all business" when it comes to dealing with others. You're usually so intently focused on a particular goal that you rarely have time for social niceties or casual fellowship. But you can definitely be counted on by others to get things done. When you say that you'll do something, you do it. As such, you're a valuable member of any team situation and will probably rise to a position of leadership within the group. Your trustworthiness and sense of responsibility are unquestioned. But do try to avoid the temptation to "use" others to reach your goals -- they might come to resent you. If you would like a detailed (approx 30 page) interpretation of your astrological profile which includes your houses, aspects, and major trends in your chart - or if you would like other reports or readings that depict your life and the influences that you are under for any specific dates - See our chart service offerings at http://alabe.com/chartservice or contact us at 1-800-THE-NOVA for prices and information. ..."
2001-1-32001-4-7 at 28Sa552001-8-26 at 22Sa512001-12-1
2002-1-102002-4-17 at 9Cp092002-9-7 at 3Cp132002-12-15
2003-1-162003-4-25 at 18Cp092003-9-17 at 12Cp222003-12-28
2004-1-222004-5-1 at 26Cp082004-9-26 at 20Cp302005-1-7
2005-1-262005-5-8 at 3Aq172005-10-4 at 27Cp482006-1-17