Balimo is home to the Gogodala people. They say they are descended from canoes, and hold a canoe festival every year. Perhaps I should time one of my visits to coincide with this event (every April perhaps?) The show is supposed to be part of the Middle Fly District Show. Going there could allow me the chance to meet people from areas that I will later visit!

All married, initiated men wear the diba (cone hat). Curiously, some of the Gogodala claim to be one of the lost tribes of Israel!

The MV Iyapa sails in and out of Balimo. For information on booking a seat, call +675 7909 6959.

Accommodation can be arranged at the Biyama Family House. There are a few shops in town.

There seems to be a bush track heading south from Balimo to Wasua on the Fly River, opposite Iamara. Wasua might be in Kiwai territory, but it seems Gogodalan.

Eat sago grubs and cassowary meat!

See the Kini Cultural Center (Iniwa Sakema), down near the Fly!