Originally Posted by BVK I'm planning a trip from Australia to PNG in July. Is there any legal way to get between the two countries via boat -- either across the Torres Strait to Daru or across the Coral Sea to Port Moresby? Many thanks, BVK

yes, you can catch a boat from Torres Strait direct to Daru by boat operated by traditional border crossers, but would not really highly recommend as people take such trip as negatively. Best if you could travel by airplan direct from cairns.
Cheers Lucas: email: pitravel@online.net.pg Daru Island is deltaic, built out of the mud of the Fly River, but there is an elevated region.

Kadawa is a small village near Daru. Perhaps I could stay there?

Dove Island is a sand cay on the journey from Thursday Island to Daru.

Is it possible to sail from Papua New Guinea to Irian Jaya (on the south side!)

Daru to Morehead.

Try to get a banana boat upriver from Daru, up the Fly River! Or a dugout canoe!

From Daru to Kiunga is 850km by river, according to this adventurer.

The same author wrote after arriving in Daru: "Simon called the guesthouse and the driver came to pick us up on a small van, which had to make 2 trips. When we checked into our rooms we were so tired but felt proud that the first part of the trip was over than we settle down to a cold soft drink and cold beer for those who drink SP..."

Or ride in a "goroa" boat!

"The Fly River will see a new fleet of vessels working on it over the next 2 years. Ok Tedi Development Foundation is constructing three vessels, all designed for the Fly River. Fly Hope is a passenger ferry that will operate a commercial service calling at Kiunga, Aiambak, Obo, Sturt Island, Gesowa, Aberegerema and Daru. The other vessels are Fly Explorer, a purpose-built environmental research vessel and Fly Warrior, a 65m container and bulk fuel carrier. The vessels will be chartered to Ok Tedi for the duration of its mine life and subsequent remediation. Likewise, Ok Tedi is having four vessels constructed to replace its time-chartered fleet..."

Oriomo Flow

From Daru it is 40km to Oriomo, by road, although a banana boat can also take you on the Oriomo River! Numerous villages line the shores, with thatched rooves on the homes. There are even hire car places in Daru!

Daru is part of the Cannibal Coast! These days, turtle stew is a local delicacy. The crabs are also good!

The town has its own "refugee corner". The island draws people from all over the south, especially to its produce market. On the beachside, boats sit marooned in the mud. When high tide comes, the boats rise.

More on Oriomo and its surrounds (including the dinghy ride to Daru!) here: Namorong Blog.

Wim Village has a satellite dish!

More on Oriomo and its surrounds (including the dinghy ride to Daru!) here: Namorong Blog.

Wim Village has a satellite dish!

Kikori is on the Fly Delta.

Take Rugby shirts to give people as gifts!