REMEMBER THAT GEEZER who discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head -- Cassius Croon was like him, except he didn't discover gravity, just the absence of space. Instead of an apple falling on his head, Croon was enlightened by the light of the sun. It may be interesting to note that he was heavily intoxicated by LSD at the time. Or at least coming down -- he was on assignment in Tokyo Japan at the time, and having finished a mission which would have intriqued even Somserset Maughn, had celebrated by going to a Roppongi nightclub. He had brought a healthy stock of LSD with him in a diplomatic pouch (that and other meditatives, such as ecstasy and opium.) Remember that geezer who discovered mass and jumped out of his bath to tell everybody about it -- Cassius Croon was like him, except he was stark naked at the time. And he didn't go running through the streets stark naked wanting to tell everybody -- there was really nothing to say. It just seemed natural from that point on that there was no such thing as space, objects either connected or they were didn't. When Cassius Croon felt the sun burn his skin as he slept on his panther skin futon in his Tokyo pad, he knew the sun couldn't be 150 million miles away. It was right next him, in fact touching him, in fact kissing him. From that point on, space was just an illusion.

A little later he saw through the veil of time!

the queen of sheen -- "The Warrior Magi".
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