OCTOBER 26 2003


Fantastic towers near Tsujichi, on the banks of the Sumida River, on the edge of a beautiful sunny autumn day.   One of the many bridges of the Sumida River, Tokyo, which winds its way from such historic centres as Asauksa, towards the polluted brine of the Tokyo Bay -- despite teh cynicism, I love it!   Having only bought my new camera fitted mobile phone on Sunday, I hadn't really tested it or exploited it until this moment. The reason I decided to star snapping now -- today was a exceptionally beautiful sunny day, the best kind of weather you could expect to find in Japan, and I was just dying to start photographing it. Hence these folloiwng results. A new fad is born -- and I have a 2nd digital camera! (By the way, the photo was taken in Ichinoe, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo -- even though it is part of one of the biggest cities on Earth, you can sometimes stumble upon market gardens and small farms and the like.)
  Pretty as a postcard in a grim, postindustrial way.   One of the most futuristic areas I have ever seen -- the area between Ginza and Shimbashi, Tokyo.     Sumida River with the ferry headed to Odaiba, the new Tokyo shopping and entertainment experience located on an artifical island in Tokyo Bay
Kimono clad ladies walking the streets of Ginza, one of the most popular (and expensive) shopping streets in Tokyo.      
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