The difference between animal and human desire is that the human desires another's desire.

According to Lacan, our desires are not our own: they belong to the Big Other. We desire to satisfy something which the Big Other lacks.

Desire is produced by fantasy.

Desire is a perverted form of need. If you need to be an ordinary man, you might desire becoming a superman.

Objet a is the inscription of the subject itself into the field of objects.

Increased desire leads to more vivid dreams (my experience!)

"But for Lacan, to have a wish for something is not the same as desire. For him, the important lesson of The Interpretation of Dreams is to show us our desire cannot be expressed in the form of a sentence – for example, ‘I want sex’ or ‘I want chocolate cake’ – but rather that desire is the very process by which dreams are formed:..."

Perverts have less desire than neurotics.

Desires are transformed into signifiers.