BEFORE THERE WAS PSYCHOLOGY, THERE WAS RITUAL. You can find traces of the ritual in the Japanese language.

There is no subject without a symptom.

According to Baudrillard, birth is as traumatic as death... it is an intrusion into the natural order which must be exchanged, and returned to death. As Baudrillard says, the Symbolic is the exchange which puts to an end the division between the Imaginary and the Real (for example, life is real, and death is imaginary). In the Symbolic, separated terms are reunited.

Freud claimed that libido was the driving energy behind human behaviour. Baudrillard contended in Symbolic Exchange and Death that there was no need for libido; unmet social obligations account for the unconscious.

According to Baudrillard, the Law of Value has been circumscribed by psychoanalysis on to the individual, leading to a fear of castration.


&rquo; Vanishing Mediator