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Interactive photographic map of the entire world!

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doctorin' the tardis /// install /// shadow boxing
<<IT'S A CLEAR CASE OF EXHAUSTION, Dr Catheter. Nobody has ever pushed so hard, so far. He literally pushed the envelope. Who can imagine what he saw down there?>>

<<That's exactly what I thought>> the venerable Catheter said -- shit, he hadn't even shaved. But he was nonetheless giving the situation the fullest possible aplomb: he was a TimeLord after all, and this was how things were done. Just plug the bastard harder! <<He looks like he has been hit with a stun gun. So, I propose a counter shock: rig up the elephant gun, and wake the blighter up!>>

sunday, october 12, 2003 /// green tea high

thursday, october 9, 2003 //// thai base camp
I HAVE BEEN THINKING LATELY that much as I like Japan, I would really like to spend a year or two in Thailand. It might be a silly thing to do now that my life has reached a "critical mass" here in Japan, and I am starting to experience some truly firstclass adventures. But nonetheless, I can't be content with mastering just one foreign country -- I wan to master them all! That is my International Vagabondist dream -- to be a global citizen, to live in countries all over the world at seemingly the same time, and to know exactly what is going on everywhere at an intimate level. At the same time, I want to publish the sum experience of my international adventures on the Internet in formats such as this blog, so that my life itself becomes a new kind of work of art -- life as a piece of art.

After three years in Japan my life here has begun to reach a "critical mass", and action is exploding all around me. But still I want more. If Japan is to be my "North East Asian basecamp #1", then Thailand will be the epicenter of my South East Asian life. Don't know when I am going to take the step of actually relocating there. But I have been thinking about it -- it's going to happen soon!

monday, september 29, 2003 /// a new hope

vaultstream -- monday, september 29, 2003 /// garlic: the new love drug
Dr.Jim naturopath extraordinaire...

sumatra_by_steam -- october 2000 /// the hotman chronicles
...Singapore, which was kind of boring but refreshing in its vibrant Asianosity - I just felt glad to be free from the past and ready to start a new chapter in life, blah blah blah. I was the zero point -- hardly any possessions, no ties and a whole world to explore -- total freedom. Well, after a few days hanging round this Muslim cafe getting hostile looks from punja Singaporeans I decided I had enough, and caught a ferry to a small Indonesian island just offshore (Batam or Bintam, I can't remember which one). It's only one hour from Singapore but it's like entering another world - a somewhat scary world in a Malay headhunter kind of way -- an "edgy tropicana". After waiting a few hours at the ferry terminal being hounded by ripoff merchants I boarded a large boat sailing to the mainland of Sumatra -- I got ripped off by the ticket vendors, who charged me double what the Indo's were paying. Whatever -- being ripped off is part of the third world experience, but the whole atmosphere of the place was dicey. I began to wish I had stayed in Singapore, and I started thinking about how Australia and Indonesia had virtually been at war only a year before, and how I was the only white cunt in town. There were hundreds of people waiting to get on board, all loaded up with Singaporean TVs and the like, and as soon as the gates of the ferry opened there was this mad stampede to get on board. Like a piece of white trash in the garbage dump of the third world, I was carried by the crowd onboard.

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