MEETING THE PEOPLE that give you your own words is such a relief. When I was caught smoking marijuana by my mother it was almost a relief to me. For years I had been smoking it in private, giving excuses to sneak out to the balcony to inhale on cold winter nights, waiting for her to go out. Once she found out . It saves a lot of time telling the truth!

I wanted to come to Praque for a long time. Ja, actually I have had the thought that eastern and western European people were the exact opposite kind of people. I met two Czech people when I was staying in Japan, and they both made an enormous impression on me. Their directnes, and very physical earthlike energy almost turned everything upside down inside of me. I was so used to the very subtle and slow way of meeting Japanese people that I almost couldn't believe that people of the earth could be of so different material. It was such a rush to experience it, but I also had the thought that I could enjoy it because it was so opposite to what is normal here and that I would be overwhelmed and maybe swalloved if I had Indian people all around me. I will tell you about it when I get there...

I would love to watch an Indian movie with Indian people ... I have heard about those outdoor cinemas.

I touched a man with a plastic bag on his head today. He was getting his hair done.

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