How low can you go as an expat living in Bangkok? Migration Mark says he can get by on about US$285 a month, and he claims to be living like a VIP. Johnny Vagabond, meanwhile, aimed at spending US$35 or 1100 Baht per day while he was in the Kingdom.

If my monthly budget is US$200 per month on drinks, how can I manage this?

According to Virtual Tourist, a bottle of green tea at 7/11 should cost 20 Baht. If I drank 2 of these per day, that would cost 60 times 20 (1200 Baht) per month: US$40 per month.

Out on the streets, you can get Thai tea in a bag for only 10 Baht!

On my walks around Bangkok I could stock up on a small iced coffee (14 Baht). I could snack on two dim sums for a further 15 Baht. Total cost of the meal: US$1!

Another estimate (as I find out more information, I can make more accurate predictions!):
(My monthly drinks budget is US$200.)

Iced Tea/Coffee/Green Tea/Green Tea Latte (3 per day): $40.
Beverages going for under US$1 each at this MBK? establishment (next to the Nokia Cafe)

Home Beers (Chang, 3L/day, 50 per cent of the time): $117.

Yes, going out in Bangkok might be difficult if I am living on online income, but going out in Tokyo was difficult too when I used to live there. How often did I go out clubbing in Tokyo... once or twice a year at best? How often did I go to a club that required an entrance fee? I can't remember the last time. So, even if I went out only once a month in Bangkok, that would be a big step forward in my social life. I don't even go (proper) clubbing here in Australia! As I work out my monthly budget for living in Bangkok in 2012/??, I should allocate one night per month of real clubbing (and on top of that, I will be going to bars and places with no entrance fee!)

According to BKK-Guru, entry to the Karafun After Hours Club (for example) costs 300 Baht (that includes 2 free beers). After that, it is 300 Baht for a small beer. A night here could easily cost more than US$50!

BKK-Guru recommends visiting Song Saleung Bar in Thonglor at least once a month. Drink prices are high though... it is 200 Baht for a Heinekin, and 1600 Baht for a liter of Red Label whisky.

Bamboo Bar: website here.
Drinks reduced from 70 to 50 Baht from 7pm to 9pm.
Free buffets on Friday night!

Bangkok Beat: website here.
Parties every night of the week, with beers going for 100 Baht per bottle during Happy Hour. A liter of Chang costs about US$8.

Big Mango Bar: website here.
Specials (as of August 2011): Mondays... Beer Lao, 79 Baht. Tuesdays... Beer Chang, 79 Baht. Wednesdays... Beer Leo, 79 Baht. Thursdays... Heineken, 79 Baht. Fridays... San Mig. Light, 79 Baht. Saturday... Tiger Pint Draught, 99 Baht. Sunday... Heineken Pint Draught, 99 Baht.

Thais love stuff on a stick. Here are grilled beef balls for 10 Baht each.

My proposed transportation budget is US$100 per month.

The aforementioned BKK-Guru claimed that it cost 35 Baht to get in a taxi, while the fare from central Krung Thep to the airport should be around 300 Baht.

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