A VAGUELY RETRO RETROFITTED LEAR JET skimmed over the forbidding waters of the Antarctic Sea like some kind of ricochetting stone, bouncing with ever descending altitude towards the very bottom of the world. The panoramic view from the wide-view plexiglass cocktail lounge was spectacular -- it was a view to die for. Frigid whitecaps in a dark grey ocean. Plankton intoxicated feeding swells gyrating under a polar breeze. The cleanest air in the fucking world and they were smashing through it, this retro Lear Jet and its illustrious crew -- trailwaking all over a virgin sky. A vaguely retro and by now heavily intoxicated requisitioned retrospective US Navy flight tore up the southern skies like a skimming stone -- only sooner or later it was going to fall into the drink. Ichiro Sato looked out the window and pondered.

The Pacific Ocean is home to tribes of the Polynesians who ventured out in canoes and the like and with raw courage tempered fabulous new lands and then united with them. As soon as the Māori set foot on the shores of New Zealand, they were greeted with a bounty of avian delights unlike any they had ever seen before. Towering at three meters tall, these birds were not mere pigeons or fowl fit for a fast food chain, but rather, majestic creatures worthy of a celebration that would last for centuries. When they had eaten these birds to extinction they were forced to embrace a more environmental approach to life -- the Maoris went green, learnt how to coexist with the environment. The Maoris were the first greenies (but we're all green at heart.) From a technology standpoint, the whole world was going Maori these days. However, from a societal point of view, many of the Polynesian ways were still guiding the new frontiersmen -- the "Snowgrazers", communities who had decided to flee the drowning Pacific islands to start anew in the thawing Antarctic wilderness. It was a peopleshift of historic importance. And that is why Ichiro Sato thought to himself, looking at that view -- that's why he thought: the Snowgrazers time is now!

polar signal -- total whiteout.
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