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Among all the exotic sights and experiences which attract visitors to Istanbul, from sunsets on the Bosophorus to the haggle & hum of the Grand Bazaar and the unbelievable sense of history (Orthodox Xtian frescoes in a medieval mosque, the minarets outside heavy with morning snow)... of all these images we have to add another, a newer image but nonetheless a signature of conquest and the changing flows of Capital: this is the image of a beautiful Russian girl far from home, working in a club or even dancing around a Turkish pole. I didn't know it until recently, but Istanbul has become one of the best places to find Russian girls (outside of Russia, that is.) There is something very SciFi-ish to this phenomenon of beautiful ultrawomen fleeing the ruins of the Soviet Union, to infiltrate the entertainment industries of the world, and become transnational. In Istanbul as in any places, Russian girls have become established, and now rule the roost. Not that I knew that until recently. And it was only through developing my homepage, that I discovered this truth.

Hence this site -- an introduction to the Russian girls of Istanbul!

On a personal note, Istanbul was the first European city I have ever visited, and despite its strong Asian influences, it will always symbolize old world European charm to me. It was also a complete culture shock, and I got lost plenty of times -- most alarmingly, in the Grand Bazaar, where I staggered around for an hour before I could even find a door outside! I am not the first one to get dazed and confused in the city formerly known as Constantinople. One blogger writes: "Up a couple of alleyways and out into a large street packed with seedy venues for soaking up your dollars. and it was into one of these that we turned. By this time it was about 9pm, I was almost drunk with tiredness and quite happy to follow my "friend" - providing I didn't have to spend any money. I knew that someone was probably going to try to con me, but I figured I could deal with that when the situation arose. As my "friend was frisked by the security on the door he said something very quickly in Turkish, the doormen then gave me huge smiles revealing their yellow teeth, and waved me on in without hesitation. Once inside things became a little clearer. On a small raised stage were seven Russian girls wearing not too much, doing their best to look ever so attractive. My "friend" and I were escorted up to a table on a balcony overlooking the scene - I now appreciated that everything this chap had told me was a lie and in fact I was on my own! I considered my options. My mother would have told me to stand up, collect my jacket and walk out, but I reasoned with myself that that would be no fun. Also, providing I ordered no drinks how could I spend any money? - I was unaware of how scam really worked.

"As soon as we were settled, exotic fruits, beer, champagne and sticks of carrot were brought to the table. Thinking no more of it I began to indulge, perhaps this was a courtesy snack. "Little do they know that they'll get nothing out of me" .or so I thought. Our entertainment for the evening soon arrived in the form of two of the dancing girls. They must have been little over 18 years old, attracted by the large sums of money to be earned by hostessing (in comparison with wages back home in Russia). Within seconds of sitting down beside me my "partner" had her sweaty hands on my leg, which at the time I really didn't appreciate - I was smelly enough from my train journey as it was! Having established that we shared no common language, when asked by the manager "Is the girl ok?" I replied that no, it would actually be kind of nice if I could at least have a conversation with someone in this dingy joint.

"Soon afterwards, "Helen" was summoned from the dance floor - she spoke very good English. I've always been interested in how people who work in this kind of industry feel about their jobs, and so I set about trying to stop her using all the corny lines and instead to tell me about her life so far and her dreams for the future. It turned out she was actually a very interesting, intelligent girl. She had a degree in English and was intending to set up her own translation bureau - in order to do so she needed to raise a fair bit of money, and this was one of the quickest ways to do just that.

"Is it ok if the ladies have another bottle of champagne?" I was asked - the three girls had finished off several bottles by this time. It was only then that I realised that in fact everything was on my bill! However, I was now quite drunk and really didn't care about money - as a result the drinks kept on coming. At one point I had a sip of the "Champagne" only to discover that it was the cheapest and nastiest sparkling wine to have ever been produced.

"The night wore on. Things got quite interesting, even more so when the manager asked me "Cash or Credit Card?".

"Well, it depends on how mush it is!" I slurred. A moment later the bill was produced. Now, it's hard enough as it is to figure out how much something really costs in turkey under normal, sober circumstances. The exchange rate is approximately 1 million Lira to the pound, so the bill wasn't immediately clear, all I saw was a large number of zeros following the number 18. However, with the aid of a pen I finally realised it was time to panic.

"1,800.00 pounds. I double-checked, and sure enough, it was 1,800 pounds... champagne, carrot sticks, beer and women. that's three months worth of savings from Switzerland gone! Looking round I saw the door was rather a long way away, and security had become unusually interested in my table. I had no choice but to pay. It pained me to do so, but I tried to console myself by reasoning that at least it was a good experience and I'd enjoyed it while it had lasted! It had all been a complete set-up, but there was nothing I could do.The grinning manager informed me that my drinks were on the house for the rest of the night - oh yes, Very Generous! "

TURKISH GIRLS // istanbul
As one poster on Best Stuff has pointed out: "Most Turkish girls have average looks, not distinctively beautiful. But the pretty ones are often gorgeous. There are many gorgeous Turkish girls but not as numerous as in Slavic and Scandinavian countries." A Turkish Singles site says: "Most Turks regard themselves as the descendants of the Ottomans. But they are a highly varied ethnic mixture. The official language is Turkish and it is also supported by Kurdish. This is because three fourth of population is Turkish and rest are Kurds. There are also minor groups of Arabs, mostly Sunni Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Jews.

"A Turkish single has a tough time choosing within his own ethnic groups. So Turkish personals offer a wide range of choice of ethnic groups. Modern Turks are more open minded and meet Turkish singles through Turkish personals.

"A look at the Turkish personals also displays the Westerners like Americans and other Muslims of the Diaspora being wooed by the Turkish single. There are favorite havens in foreign countries as well as in Turkish cities like Istanbul to meet Turkish singles. Turkish personals have grown by hundreds thanks to a liberal social attitude.

"Kemal Ataturk who aimed to establish a modern state in Turkey helped to liberalize the marriage scene in Turkish society. Ataturk's reforms aimed at giving women an equal status in society. The creation of a secular state, the first-ever man in a Muslim country who aimed to treat women as equal and free citizens vis-��-vis the state, and revolutionized the family law. For instance, in 1926, the introduction of the Turkish Civil Code banned polygamy. The veil was outlawed and civil marriage and divorce were established. Turkish women were also granted suffrage rights since the national elections in 1934. The republican reforms have brought radical changes to the status of women to an extent unprecedented in any Muslim country till that date. Women are educated, and pursue professions on par with men..."

The ever intrepid Naughty Nomad said in regards to Turkish women: "In terms of mindset, they are a Mediterranean culture, therefore usually warm and friendly. Theyre Muslim, but barely. The girls are extremely liberal. Hijabs are rarely seen in Western Istanbul. For all intensive purposes, consider Istanbul a European city. Street game and pipelining are the best methods of meeting women, as nightspots are, in my experience, horrendous cockfests. Turkish girls are very interested in meeting foreign men and many speak English. Sex can happen fast. Turkish are considered very loyal in relationships."

The Hurriyet Daily News reports: " Turks are very good to people that they know well, such as their family and kin. Yet, for the people with whom they are less familiar, their attitude dramatically changes. In other words, if they see a familiar face on the street, they go out of their way to show affection. For unfamiliar faces, however, they have nothing but suspicion..."

That's Naughty Nomad's view... he is probably not the sort of guy most women would want to end up with, long term. For a more in depth look at the liberal sexual practices of the modern Turkish female, from her perspective, read Sex and the Turkish Girl.
Turkish Personals: Single Turkish Girls.

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