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You can see a lot of Israeli's doing the backpacker route from India to Thailand. I just figured that some of them ended up in Japan, and needed to get some work, so they contact the Israeli Mafia here.

The Israeli's are famous in Asia for their ultra-tough, take-no-prisoners approach to bargaining. I wouldn't be surprised to see them argueing for discounts in Japanese shops and supermarkets. They have got such a bad reputation that a lot of hostels and guesthouses and restaurants in countries like Thailand and Nepal have signs on the door saying "No Israeli's Allowed". The Israeli's complain about "anti-Semitism", and anti-Semitism does seem to be coming back in the world, after a 60-year absence. It's strange (and tragic) how history keeps on repeating itself.

Still, when I see the Israeli's just wandering from place to place across Asia, it reminds me of the South Africans I met in London complaining about how Nelson Mandela had ruined their country. It's like they have got no home to go back to, only a battleground.

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