This was my second trip to South Korea and it is sure not to be my last! Some people write it off as a travel destination, bu I think it is cool in a yellowed, slightly rustic kind of way. All photos 2002/2003.

Great Graveyards
Wandering among the headstones at Tokyo's Yanaka Cemetery

Australia -- The Great Uncloned Land Downunder
Australia -- The Great Uncloned World Downunder

Grey tones of modern urban life.

Enter the Zero!
Interlocking short stories -- read Streamline Implosion, featuring secret agent 000.

Tokyo views by night
Introduction to Tokyo's newest attraction, the Roppongi Hills development of shops, restaurants and this cloudhigh observation tower

Stakkholtsgja, A Beautiful River Valley in Iceland
Photos from Iceland, centered on the beautiful and astounding Stakkholtsgja Valley in the Skoga/Thorsmork area of South Iceland



[western wall]
suwon korea 2003

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