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SILICON VALLEY WHIZKIDS MICRODOZE ON LSD TO BOOST THEIR PRODUCTIVITY. Sufis bang bhang to attain spiritual ecstasy, while Russians quaff on kvass in summer, which is brewed from fermented bread. Despite is bad name, Red Bull helps maintain brain function, and is one of my tipples of choice. It might help me to tackle Huntington's Disease one day! Betel nut is beloved in Papua New Guinea, which is a country that I hope to get to know. In this life or the next

Often, superfood effects are noticed more strongly the first time you take them (or if you haven't taken them for a long time.) The first time I took magnesium, it made me super anxious. If I supplemented it every day, it might become less potent. Retaking hemp seed oil after a long absence, I found it boosted my anxiety but also my hearing and eyesight.
Cytokines are pro-inflammatory, and released in hangovers. It should be noted, however, that some cytokines (such as those in Omega 3 oils) can be anti-inflammatory. CBD is recommended to reduce inflammation, as is magnesium.

My motto is the same as with everything including girls: try local.

The following processes to be focussed on:

Are very moreish, but also high in fibre. High in Vitamin E. Seem to boost hearing and vision.

Is alkaline.

Injections cause a slight churning feeling in the stomach. Later, it seems like energy levels increase, detoxifying the liver. Amazingly, it seems to help digestion, and stool formation in the days after an injection.
Enhances appreciation of music. Reduces blood pressure. Contains selenium.

Reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow. Betanin gives beetroots their color, and is a powerful antioxidant. Another component, lutein, is said to be good for eye health.
Improve vision and even possibly hearing. They seem to give me an energy boost when I am doing many lessons on iTalki, although they also increase anxiety. Sometimes, I also notice some churning sensation in the extremities after eating them. They may help activate the Third Eye!

Said to have a slight hallucinatory effect.

Reacts with THC receptors in the brain. Can improve memory in later age. Seems to boost energy with increasing anxiety. Reduces the effects of hangovers.

Made in Japan for more than a century, Calpis was inspired by the cultured milk drank in Mongolia. Similar in taste to Yakult, it is said to reduce blood pressure and extend lifespan. For some reason, I never drank it in my 10 years in Japan. In December 2020, now living in Australia, I consumed a can, not really expecting much of an effect. Actually, it gave me an energy rush, without the bpm and ministerial fire of caffeine.

Shisandra can enhance the effects of Valium!

Tryptamines... Could be similar to melange in Dune!

Mucuna... Can increase anxiety.

Valium... Reduce hangovers.