Subjective Distress Scale

Subjective Distress Scale for Anxiety

In Reverse Order

Lost in daydreaming, momentarily forget where I am: 0.2.

Troubled only when hearing noises from outside; able to fall asleep: 1.2.

Notice effects of Venlafaxine, or other medications: 1.3.

Can send emails on my phone and read news: 1.4.

Colours begin to appear brighter, and noises louder: 1.7.

Feel that I am sinking/being swallowed: 1.9.

Tight feeling in stomach. Tight muscles in buttocks: 2.0.

If sitting, feel the need to cross legs, or stand up and pace around: 2.2.

If talking, become breathless: 2.3.

Palms begin sweating: 2.5.

If travelling, may develop tunnel vision: 2.8.

Penis retracts into body: 3.2.

Need to count to 100 to reduce anxiety. If I manage to fall asleep, I may have panic attacks in my sleep: 3.5.

Feeling that Death is imminent: 4.2.

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