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The SUN always looks amazing when you view it from Australia. In a way, it is worth visitng Australia just to see the pure, crystalline sun, and the clean clear blue skies it sails across. Spend some time looking at the heavens, and you get a sense of how the world is rotating beneath your feet, while the same time spinning, tilted, in its endless solar orbit. I never got that kind of awareness in the 10 years I was living in Tokyo, Japan... I suppose it wasn't kind of place. There were way too many buildings in the way, no doubt!

Virtual Tokyo Guide
Tokyo 2011 -- Before the Quake!

Democracy Monument, Bangkok, Thailand
Symbol of Democracy in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand

The Commune of Christiana, Denmark
Enter the Christiana Commune in Copenhagen, Denmark

Enter Tokyo's 9th storey high aquarium at Ikebukuro's Sunshine City
Toyota Amlux Centre in Ikebukuro Japan
Photos of Toyota's gleaming Amlux headquarters and showroom in Tokyo, Japan



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