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A woman eats Beijing style kebabs in Taiwan
"I love lamb," writes Xuite 所以, 不敢親絹E丒 甥崧有一虂E 牠們成了寵蝸E皇鞘澄丒So, dare to get close to sheep, deep怕有一虂E they became the pets rather than food 我愛吃孜然羊肉串 I love to eat mutton string Cuminum ヲ味的孜然羊肉串, 是在北京, 王府井一丒不知名的小攤位上丒鮮 Most of Cuminum够味mutton string, is in Beijing, Wangfujing an unknown small stalls on the taste of delicacy 先炸後烤, 皮酥肉Q, 又香又辣又鹹(北京很多東西都很鹹) After the first deep-fried grilled, crispy skin pork Q, Chatham又辣又Youxiang (Beijing a lot of things are very salty) Appetite for China writes: "In Beijing and many cities in the north, you frequently see street vendors grilling up deliciously fragrant kebabs, called 串 (chuan) in Chinese. Lamb is the most popular, but you'll also find chicken, mushrooms, tofu, even squid (check out this squid kebab I had grilled for me in 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand. Take that concept indoors, and what you get is a chuan bar, or 堪杏 (chuan ba), a restaurant that adds beer, comfortable seats, and warmth to your meal of grilled skewers. (I should also add that 串 is my absolute favorite character in the Chinese language, because it actually looks like a skewer with two pieces of meat on it. Cute, no? The character is also used in Japan.)

We got plates of lamb, mushroom, shrimp, and tofu skewers, all liberally doused with cumin and red pepper flakes. Those bowls of beer sure came in handy to cool our tongues, but everything was tasty nonetheless. Green beans and leafy greens were also grilled. We did shy away from a few colorful animal parts that are staples of many late night eateries; parts that nobody ever eats except on a dare.

Rounding out the meal were enormous oysters (no, not that kind of oysters.). I normally never eat oysters outside of restaurants specializing in seafood for fear of food poisoning. But these were cooked on the grill whole, then opened and seasoned. The resulting oyster meat was aromatic and juicy, and even better with the roasted garlic on top..."

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