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The intersection surrounding the Democracy Monument is home to an assortment of food stands, selling treats for the tourists and workers: pineapple, kebabs, squid on a stick. It was squid on a stick which I ate on my last visit. As I wrote on my Bangkok Dining Guide: "The squid came in a takeaway plastic bag dripping with fiery sauce, and set me back 15 Baht. There was a Bollywood movie being filmed at the Monument as I waited for my squid, filling the air with sweet and pungent Indian sounds. I noted to myself how Indian in fact the Democracy Monument looked, with its beds of vivid flowers (I could see why it would make a good backdrop for a Bollywood romance scene.)"

Matthew Amster-Burton wrote: "The typical Thai breakfast is rice porridge, but vendors offered plenty of atypical selections as well. One woman whose cart stood near the Democracy Monument on Thanon Ratchadamnoen Klang was pouring perfect silver-dollar, and smaller (1 baht?) pancakes onto a griddle. And one of the most beloved foods in Bangkok is ice cream. McDonald's offers a standard soft serve cone for 7B and Baskin-Robbins fights back with its "Teen Scoop", but the street vendors really get weird, piling three scoops of vanilla onto a hot dog bun and topping it with corn kernels or red bean paste. McDonalds, I should add, offers its pies in three flavors: pineapple, taro, and corn..."

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