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Expanding on the pineapple theme, the aforementioned Matthew Amster-Burton commented: "Street vendors here offer a staggering array of snacks, sweets, and whole meals, including many foods I was unable to identify. It is always worth flagging down a fruit cart for pineapple, mango, or papaya. The pineapple here is bright orange and sweet. The vendor puts a large piece into a plastic bag, then holds the bag in one hand and with the other gives it a few Lizzie Borden-style whacks with a dull knife, severing the fruit into manageable pieces without tearing the bag. With the fruit you can request, as most Thais do, a small bag of salt, sugar, and crushed chile for dipping (the chile is a great accompaniment but the salt more of an acquired taste). This will run you 10 baht, or 25 cents..."

[pineapple stand]
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