The Cassius Croon Implosion

THE YEAR IS 2008, and the world is in the throes of another 70s revival. Nobody knew how or why it all began. That is the least of humanity's problems, however. Reality itself seems to be breaking down, to the dismay of scientists, corporate titans and the ruling elites that have profited from the existing structure for millennia. Secret agent Cassius Croon is hired to investigate a series of particularly bizarre events around the planet. On the margins of society, however, the mood is more euphoric. The Age of Aquarius is at hand! One.

Actually, he is the None.

"In America, many divorce..."

Chucky Poong in the "The Cassius Croon Implosion"#scifi #alternativeuniverse

— Robert Sullivan (@robsullivan1973) February 25, 2023

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Dedicated to Marcel Proust, Julian Assange, and all my other soul brothers.