When I was a child growing up in Australia, I dreamed of being a science fiction writer in the vein of Robert Silverberg, HG Wells and Frank Herbert, and my stories from that style were in the oldschool style. Attending university in the early 1990s, I was exposed to postmodern authors and writers such as Thomas Pynchon, Jean Baudrillard and Umberto Eco. I inherited the concept of the postmodern "pastiche": a work of art that imitates or borrows elements from a variety of different sources, in order to create a unique style or subvert the original meaning. With the coming of the Internet and hypertext I became fascinated in the possibility of interactive fiction and TADS, although I must confess my success in this sphere is rudimentary to date.

Anyway, this is a sampler of my works from 1988 to the present, and a multidimensional narrative spanning continents, centuries, and cultures

a group of boys living in smalltown Australia in the early 1980s who realize that they are not ordinary kids, but actually deepcover agents from another galaxy. A supernova sparks panic and upheaval around the world. A frightening apparition is glimpsed deep inside a Yorkshire mine.

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