First Contact is a multidimensional narrative spanning continents, centuries, and subcultures, unravelling coincidences and conspiracies, computer viruses, and viruses which infect your mind. It is a kaleidoscope of revolutions and counter revolutions, football hooligans and Satanists, mutants and mutilations. Through drugs, drums and dreams, the interface is breached, and the message downloaded and interpreted. The crew of the Mnemosyne detect a mysterious transmission, originating from a hostile planet. Meanwhile, but not meantime, a group of boys living in a sleepy Australian town realize that they are not ordinary kids, but actually deepcover agents from another galaxy. Intergalactic war is summoning them back home. It seems like pop superstar Michael Jackson is also heading their way!

Elsewhere in this anthology, two adventurous spirits try to restore contact with a lost colony of violent criminals. A star goes supernova, sparking panic and upheaval around the world. A frightening apparition is glimpsed deep inside a Yorkshire mine, beckoning "Come back to me." In nearby London, a struggling shopkeeper meets her dark half and her business finally goes ballistic.

First Contact is a short story and novella collection dating from 1989 to 2001. It is written in the style of a postmodern "pastiche": a work of art that imitates or borrows elements from a variety of different sources, in order to create a unique style or subvert the original meaning, make connections, and open a textual dialogue.

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