The high tech avenues of Akihabara, Japan The high tech avenues of Akihabara Electric Town in Tokyo

IRAQI DESERT, GREEK OCCUPATION ZONE: Everything passed by quickly, like the shadows of the sparse clouds sailing over some Californian desert-of-the-mind (a Doors' flashback), or like the ticking of the clock when you are on amphetamines and contemplating the Universe, or flying through the void on a mystic horse. In the great Quranic story, Mohammad the Prophet jumped from Mecca to Jerusalem (al Quds) on the winged steed Bharrak before boarding a cloud straight to Heaven. In his second incarnation, Mohammad was doing things differently (Blessed be his name!) From Mecca to Jerusalem on the TransArabian Express, and the only jumping Ishmael was doing was jumping the train! The only horse he was riding was an iron horse! This was his hour, and the second of war had come: 14:35:23, January 17, 2031. This was how the west was won.

Ishmael Mohammed Mahmud (he scored his first kill on a Jaffa beach/he was the first suicide bomber to complete two successful missions) was crouching, or rather make that huddled against a slab of cold, bulletproof trainhull, roaring across the battlescarred terrain. The wind tore through him the way like time does when you take certain substances and see the totality of All, like a hurricane. If he wasn't naked it would have stripped his clothes from him, the train was moving that fast. It was the 05:05 Jeddah to Tel Aviv service, full of tourists and soldiers and economic advisors and their ilk, and the moment of war was come. This was how it happened. Didn't you study history?

Wa`alaykum As-Salamu Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. This is the story of the suicide bomber who could blow himself up without being killed. Mohammad given the Houdini treatment (or versa vice!) Over the Iraqi deserts the maglev train roared, past the burnt out tanks and shattered settlements. Over the fields of war, into the heart of hell. Last time, Mohammad rode Bharrak up, into the Citadel of God. This time he was going down, the opposite direction -- deep into the Heart of Things!

This is truly, magnificently, how it happened!

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