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Tuesday, February 14, 2012 How to Deal with a Bad Date

ERICA St. CLAIRE FROM CATHOLIC SINGLES DATING SITES WAS KIND ENOUGH TO WRITE FOR ME A GUEST POST ON THE SUBJECT OF BAD DATES, AND IT IS APPROPRIATE FOR ME TO PUBLISH THE POST TODAY, WHICH IS OF COURSE SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY. "If you're single and in the process of dating, you might have enough bad dates under your belt to write a horror story - or maybe even a series," the article reads. "And sure, bad dates are expected to happen from time to time... but when they do, there's no doubt that they leave you feeling awkward, disappointed and maybe even questioning the entire human race as you swear never to go on another date again. So the next time that you're on a date that would be described just about as far away from 'good' as possible, be sure to keep the following tips in mind for dealing with it..." (For the full story, click here.)

PRESTER John writes on Expat Rockstar: "A common question on expat blogs and websites across south-east Asia is 'where to meet girls from outside the bar and club scene?' And a common answer to this is malls, with many tips being written on how to be a mall hunter. However, I have often found that these places do not present the best opportunities, unless you happen to live in Indonesia that is.

"The bule effect (bule essentially means white or foreign) means that every time you venture into a mall or supermarket away from the centre of town you will achieve something akin to rockstar status. The smiles, laughs and shouts of 'Hello Mr!' can easily be turned into something much more physical if you know what you are doing.

"In many countries the giggles and smiles would be seen as nothing more than nerves and not a sign of flirting. However, here in Jakarta the smiles and giggles are often a genuine sign that the girl is interested as she is curious or seeks the 'status' of dating a bule.

"If a girl smiles or flirts with you then do not be shy to approach and give her your phone number or ask for hers - you will rarely get rebuffed. The major obstacle is usually the language, as few girls will speak English very well in the department stores. A smattering of Indonesian will help you tremendously but if not then don't be shy to ask one of her friends to translate for you.

"Fruitful hunting grounds are the cosmetic counters in the big department stores like Matahari. Labour is cheap in Jakarta, so each department store will have literally hundreds of female staff milling around trying to look busy while employed for a menial wage.

"However, they are usually required to wear a feminine uniform and make-up - even more so at the cosmetics counter, and there is something very enjoyable about being surrounded by a horde of young lovelies when you are only going to buy a pair of socks for example.

"Some Indonesians are not shy coming forwards and once while buying some perfume for a girlfriend an older woman gave me the number of one of her co-workers who was standing there smiling at me, despite the fact they all knew I was buying the perfume for a lady friend. This kind of thing has happened regularly to myself and a number of my acquaintances.

"Although the glitzy shiny malls in the centre of town such as Grand Indonesia, Senayan City and Pacific Place are great places to indulge in window shopping of the retail and female variety, they are not the places to use your expat rockstar status to the maxim. In order to really make the most of the bule effect with the shop girls and the shoppers then you should visit malls off the beaten track where you will be the centre of attention.

"In these areas a good natured smile and an eye for opportunity will be enough to get you more dates then your diary can handle. Recommended places include Mall Ciputra in Grogol, West Jakarta - a favourite hang-out for University students and away from the expat areas..."

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