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Cao Dai Picture Gallery
Cao Dai Picture Gallery

I WROTE ON ANOTHER PAGE HERE Tenri Kyo Origins: Shintoism Founded: 1838 Followers: 1.5 million Founded by a female peasant in the early 19th century, the religion was the first to spread across Japan as modernization connected the country. As one of Japanfs first new religions, it followers suffered persecution and was long considered to be Shinto until granted an independent religious identity. It is strangely mono- and polytheistic, and some followers also claim to be Christians. Konko Kyo Origins: Shintoism Founded: 1859 Followers: 450,000 Peasants in the plains of Okayama believed that Konjin was a local demon who lurked in dark places, causing mischief with the locals. But when local peasant Bunji Akazawa fell seriously ill, he had a spiritual encounter with Konjin which made him realize that Konjin was actually a benevolent deity, and another offshoot of Shintoism was born. Unlike Tenrikyo, Konko Kyo is still technically registered as a sect of Shintoism, and many followers consider themselves Shinto as opposed to a seperate religion. The leadership of the religion is hereditary; the current head of the order is the great grandson of Akazawa. Reiyu Kai Origins: Buddhism Founded: 1919 Followers: 4.4 million An inexplicably wealthy sect, the Reiyu Kai is a Buddhist sect that sprung up in the early 20th century. Its eccentric followers preach peace and connections to their ancestors to anyone who will listen. The headquarters is in Tokyo and clearly visible from many of the office tower blocks in the Minato-ku ward. Herefs one picture available online (and to give you a sense of the size, check out this photo of the entrance.) Sokagakkai Origins: Nichiren Buddhism Founded: 1930 Followers: 10 million One of the more controversial religions in Japan, the Sokagakkai is intimately linked with the Komeitou political party, which is allied with the Liberal Democrats in the coalition government. Expelled from Nichiren Buddhist, it is criticized by many in Japan as crossing religion with politics. The head of the religion, an elderly man by the name of Daisaku Ikeda, leads the religion in what can best be described as a personality cult. Many doubt the organization will survive his death. I see them as a benign cult; many consider the Sokagakkai to be one of the most dangerous elements of Japanese society

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