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Uncloned Malaysia

Pictures of Little India Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Pictures of Little India Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Interactive photographic map of the entire world!

Interactive photographic map of the entire world!


KUALA LUMPUR OFFERS THE RESIDENT AND THE VISITOR ALIKE A SMORGASBORD OF SUITABLE SHOPPING -- FROM THE MURKY DEPTHS OF PENTALING STREET (COVERED MARKET) IN CHINATOWN TO THE SPICY, FRAGRANT FANTASY OF THE PASAR MALAM (NIGHT MARKET) AT LITTLE INDIA. These represent the old school of Malaysia shopping, the traditional street market, the ancient haggle and tout Asian style of shopping -- and if you love haggling with shopkeepers on humid street corners, then KL won't disappoint you. There are street markets galore, and plenty of touts and hawkers to entice you. But that is the street, and there is another dimension to shopping in Kuala Lumpur, a more modern and some would say exciting dimension -- a dimension to be found indoors. I am talking of course about the shopping mall. Just as in Singapore and Bangkok, the fixed price, air-con, climate controlled, security controlled shopping mall has arrived in KL -- and conquered the city. When it comes to sheer scope and splendour, one of KL's malls stands out from all the rest -- I am referring of course to the Suria KLCC shopping mall, at the base of the Twin Towers. Welcome to the Uncloned World Guide to Suria KLCC. Here you can find out everything you need to know about Suria KLCC and what you can buy there, why you should go there (or not go there), and discussion on Suria KLCC related issues and controversies. Shopping is one of Malaysia's fondest pastimes, and Suria KLCC encapsulates the soul of the entire nation. Why is that so?

It helps that Suria KLCC is indeed set amidst one of the most futuristic techscapes in the world -- at the foot of two of the tallest buildings on Earth in the suburb of Ampang, & at the heart of the most happening city in Asia! The twin Petronas Towers are well worth a visit in their own right, so if you are in the area you might as well also check out the Suria KLCC and its attendant aquarium. Just opposite the road is Avenue-K, a new shopping mall, but still KLCC remains the most popular shopping mall in Ampang by a large margin. But back to my original question -- why does Suria KLCC encapsulate the soul of Malaysia? It all comes down to one word: heart. As Suria KLCC's official website puts it: "Set in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle, Suria KLCC is surrounded by hotels, office buildings, a scenic park and dancing fountains, promising hours of leisurely pleasure. From whichever entrance you take, the excitement hits you the minute you step into the sensational splendour and diversity of the centre.

"There is always something for everyone to savour at Suria KLCC:

"+ + + + Six levels of retail outlets with each level of a distinctive character and style.

"+ + + + Anchor tenants are Isetan, Parkson Grand, Tanjong Golden Village and Signatures Level 2 Food Court. Other key tenants include Marks & Spencer and Asian Flavours Food Court. Including destination shop such as Pucuk Rebung and Aseana which are located exclusively at Suria KLCC.

"+ + + + Shopping, restaurants, cafes, entertainment, leisure, home decor, a concert hall, an art gallery and a science discovery centre.

"+ + + + Customer-friendly facilities which include well-trained customer service staff, taxi, and bus stops, ample parking bays, a post office which opens throughout weekends, a Bureau de Change, a cobbler, a locksmith, florist and ATM centres.

"All this within one location."

That's what I mean about heart. Suria KLCC is in the heart of KL. KL is in the heart of Malaysia. This is the heartland. This is the soul of modern Malaysia."

"Recently, the much awaited KLCC Aquaria was launched. The first of its kind, the aquarium is located in the hustle and bustle of the city, in this case, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Not wasting a moment, I jumped on the opportunity to experience the aquarium first hand..."

Never before have such a wide variety of sealife been presented to the Malaysian people, as Yoongkhean rightly points out. Aquaria KLCC is smaller than the aquariums in Sydney and Singapore but it's still worth going to, at least once.

s u r i a k l c c + c a f e s


Aseana Cafe: G15 (Ground Floor), Suria KLCC. Phone: 603-2382 0395.
Photo from Pasim Kia Here is a review from Pasan Kia, A guy from Klang who enjoy to eat: "We always have problem to decide what to eat when step into Suria KLCC during lunch time. Normally will end up in the Signature food court or Burger King. I'm kind of sick with it. Suria KLCC has quite a number of restaruants, most of them are on the high price side.. what to do, this is Malaysia most popular shopping center.
"Having our lunch in Aseana Café, a cafe hiding in the Aseana's Home & Gifts galleria. It has been around since year 1999, nevertheless we've never dine in here. I always see some mat salleh or rich aunties having their meal here during lunch time. The whole idea of Aseana galleria is Asean, the decration is mixture of Thai, Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia and etc, created a "tropica" and yet relax environment. No wonder foreigner love here. Since it awarded as the Best Café Restaurant 2005 by the Malaysian Tourism Board, we decided to give a try. Let's see if they worth for the title."
After dining on a lot of items and taking a lot of succulent photos, Pasan Kia concludes: "Overall the food are nice, just that price on the high side. No wonder rich people go there. It's ridiculous to spend 20 over bucks for this mixed rice, better spend in Bumbu Bali, their mixed rice also 20 over bucks."

s u r i a k l c c + r e s t a u r a n t s


Madam Kwan's: Suria KLCC 4th Floor, shop #420. Phone: 03/2026 2297.
Photo from Travelling Hungryboy A Malay favorite and one of the most popular restaurants in KL, pretty close to the similarly excellent Kelantan Delights. This is a little on the expensive side, with dishes costing between US$10 and US$20 -- you could safely eat on the street for a quarter of this price but if you want excellence and air-conditioned comfort, come to Madam Kwan's! Must-try's include their fried chicken, beef rendang and hokkien noodles, while the sweet dessert sago melaka is just the thing to finish a great meal.
Dragontml wrote: "This is the kind of place that you'll probably meet friends with, come with the family once in a while or just when you have that plain craving for good Nyonya Chinese fusion cuisine.
"Nasi Bojari is a type of Indonesian coloured rice that comes with Assam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried chicken drumsticks. Or give the Nasi Lemak a try! It's rice cooked with coconut milk. Usually eaten with hard-boiled egg, cucumber, fried anchovies and sambal. For desserts, there's the typical ice campur, cendol, bubur cha-cha or sago gula Melaka to complete your Nyonya Melaka dinner experience."
More recently (April 24, 2007), the Travelling Hungryboy wrote: "They do serve a full spread of various noodle dishes and the like, but what these guys are really known for is the nasi lemak. It's not quite your standard serving with the usual fried chicken and ikan bilis: these guys provide some tender chicken stewed in a rich coconut gravy that pairs well with the delicate yet tasty rice. I didn't even bother with those pickles on the side.
"I'm not too sure how the rest of the food fares here though; I usually just get this. Admittedly, the luster has faded a bit for me after having eaten it a number of times now, but it is a unique thing that I really liked the first time I had it..."

Petronas Petrosains Centre:
The Petronas Petrosains Centre is located on the 4th floor of Suria KLCC. It focuses on Malaysia's oil industry. Children are encouraged to visit by the centre. It is well known for its Dark Ride course, Flight Simulators and Adventure, Molecular Magic, Geotime Formation and Petrojaya sections.

s u r i a k l c c + s h o p s

OKAY, SO WE HAVE HAD SOME FIRST IMPRESSIONS ABOUT AQUARIA KLCC -- NOW HOW ABOUT SOME FACTS? Well, here is a list of the anchor shops and department stores at KLCC:

Best Denki: Lot 345, Level 3. Phone: 603/328 1633. Fax: 603/382 1933.
Along with Isetan and Kinokuniya, this place represents Nippon (Japan). The Body Shop: Center Court (C54A). Phone: 603/2382 6238/1238. Map: click here.
You would expect to find at least one Body Shop in a department store of this size. You would also expect it to be popular with the health aware local citizens. Wrote Blurrx on her blog recently: "Walked around KLCC.
"There's some sales promotion going on at The Body Shop. Mad sales up to 70% discount! That place was packed with people.
"The Body Shop sales promotion is until 10th June (2007). Apparently at any outlet.
"Cause Elaine told me that The Body Shop at Mid Valley was having the sales promotion too.
"My sister bought body butter for only RM 16! So imagine that :D
"Oh, and i finally found the Gucci handbag i was raving about. It was hard finding the picture of it online, but i managed to."

The Japanese department store company Isetan is one of the anchor tenants of Suria KLCC taking up a vertical space of five floors equal to the height of Suria. The department store is frequented by Japanese, Koreans, Singaporeans tourists as well as local shoppers for the assorted tyoes of goods and brands. Luxury goods and designer wear labels Dior, Celine, DKNY, Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren each has a store-in-store within Isetan.

The Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya has a large branch in Suria KLCC. It occupies two floors and faces the pool outside Suria KLCC. It incorporates the usual functions of a book store and also features a Starbucks cafe.

Tower Records: C21C (Concourse Floor). Phone: 603/2382-1009.
Open 11am to 9pm daily.
A global chain to be sure, but one particularly popular in Asia (I just made a purchase at the famous Tower Records in Shibuya Tokyo, and am listening to the first installment of it!) As far as the Tower Records at Suria KLCC is concerned: This is one of the best places in town to attend live music events and see the cream of the crop of Malaysian pop. If you want to view Peter Pan YouTubed live at KLCC Tower Records, click here. For photos of an Adam album launch in 2004 at the same establishment, click here. Some of the other bands and performers to have appeared at Tower Records include NuRuL, Chester

s u r i a k l c c + t e l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s

JUST AS IN SINGAPORE AND INDONESIA, CELLPHONES ARE CALLED HANDPHONES in Malaysia. If you want to pick up a handphone while you are in Kuala Lumpur, KLCC Suria is as good a place as any. There are six dedicated telecommunication stations in the Twin Towers:

D@Mobile: Suria KLCC Center Court, K22. Phone: 03/2166 7699.
Dr Mobile Clinic: Ampang Mall, C68. Phone: 03/2161 1699.
Motorola: Ramlee Mall, 331. Phone: 03/2164 1990.
Late last year (2007) Mobile 88 reported: "Motorola will be giving consumers a sneak preview of the much awaited RAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition on 10 December. The RAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition is a stunning blend of cutting-edge technology and bold, sophisticated detail that is the pinnacle of ultra-premium cool. Bathed in gold and clothed in snake-like skin, it includes a full suite of features and accessories for fashion conscious consumers seeking a glamorous design.
"To mark its significance, Motorola is organising a Special Preview from 12 noon to 4.00pm on 10 December at the MOTOSTORE in Suria KLCC. Consumers will need to register at www.hellomoto.com/my to be one of the first in line to view and purchase the special edition handset during this Special Preview. Registration is open from now till December 7, 23:59hours and is limited to the first 50 consumers. Those who are unable to register or are not one of the first 50 consumers need not worry, as Motorola will be holding a general showcase after 4.00pm, during which time consumers will be able to purchase the special edition phones..."
Nokia: Park Mall, K33. Phone: 03/2070 0190.
Sony Ericsson: Ramlee Mall, 318. Phone: 03/2026 9969.
The Hello Station: Ramlee Mall, 317. Phone: 03/2161 2332.

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