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AUGUST 15 2007
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Me Hentai
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JUPITER has gone direct in his home sign of Sagittarius, Saturn is leaving my House of Relationships, and after a 15-month holdup my life has quietly begun exploding, in amazing directions, everywhere at once. Today I not only made a successful nampa debut, I picked up not just one but two chicks, as well as ascertaining a little illicit booty in a Shibuya establishment. It was hot as hell and scorching outside when me and Menace hit the streets with Menace's four-year-old kid P-chan, on our way to the swimming pools of the Keio Yomiuri Land, in Tama River country. As we boarded the train to the pools we dropped our respective E's (of course, P-chan didn't drop anything, but then again, he doesn't need to. Despite being only four he seems to be a player in his own right and has the uncanny talent of getting beautiful young women to adopt him and take care of him, maybe because they think he is so cute. He knows how to play the game and has a streetwise attitude which will only further develop over the years. As soon as we got on the train and we dropped our E's P-chan walked across the carriage to talk to this babe who was sitting over there, and broke down her guard. He listened to and critiqued her IPod selection. He was asking all the right personal questions, and she responded with laughter and nervous smiles. By the end of the ride she was smitten with him. Young P-chan takes after his father and in some ways, already takes it further than him!)

P-chan the Pick Up King
P-chan the Pick-Up King
at work in the pools
In the meantime, the pill came on. The sun was burning, throbbing in the languid sky. The landscape became hillier, greener, forests and cliffs interspersed with temples and shrines. When we finally got to the pools and took the gondola lift inside, the eyes literally popped out of my head. I felt like an Islamic suicide bomber who had died, and gone to Heaven (except here most of the women weren't virgins!) Everywhere you looked teemed teens and crowds of gorgeous women wearing bikinis, make up, jewellery and in some cases, stilletos or other foxy footwear. Everywhere you looked stretched pools, pleasure grounds of various descriptions. When I was a kid living in outback Australia, we used to go to the town pool virtually every day, and that was where all the action happened -- the fights and the forbidden love. In beach-deprived Tokyo, pools seem to have a similar social function. This being Japan however, the pools here are a hell lot more sophisticated than the ones back home (the same could be said for the chicks.) This particularly complex here, as well as having an aquarium and jetcoaster, featured the Ampanman pool (named after a popular children's cartoon), some kind of wavepool, the toddlers pool, and this pool where the water swirls round like a river, dragging you in laps around a central island. I think that one is called the Nagareru Pool. As soon as we got in P-chan vaulted off to make friends and have adventures, and Menace and me commenced the hunt. Suffice to say, first efforts were not promising -- some elementary school teachers in hot bikinis threatened to call in security when Menace put the hard word on them. I was rushing and losing focus occasionally and getting lost all too easily, but it felt so good to dive into the pools and feel the water caressing my skin. I took a dive off the high board. Everywhere you looked there were babes in bikinis. The perfect place to be for a guy peaking on Ecstasy!

Hours later all the hard work finally paid off -- I was down in the whirlpool when Menace intercepted two young beauties who were floating past us, in a different part of the eddy. I paddled over to one of them, who looked like she was about 19 years old. I put my hand to her waist, setting in motion a luscious and unexpected reaction. In short she took the bait, as if she was fishing too. Before I knew what was happening she was wrapped around me, and I started kissing her. It was a whoolpool we were in and the water was swirling around, sometimes fast, sometimes so slow, sometimes choppy and we got dragged down under the surface, down to the bottom -- and sometimes it rammed us together, as we made out. We must have kissed for a lap or so of the pool before she disappeared -- I didn't even know her name. All I knew that she was young, and she was hot (a Barbie Doll on heat!). All I knew was that she had been mine, for a couple of minutes at least. It was my first successful pool pickup, but it was only the prelude to the goodness to follow...

A FEW hours later I found myself back at Menace's apartment, trading war stories, and we found ourselves talking about the prospect of dropping another E, and heading out into the city for fresh nampa. But what exactly is nampa -- what does it mean? Nampa is not just the name of a city in Idaho, USA -- nampa is a whole Japanese Oriental tradition, a martial arts of love. As even Wikipedia will concede: "Nanpa tends to occur on busy streets and other lively public places. Young men stand at the edge of the street and watch passing women. When a woman strikes a man's fancy, he typically invites her to a cafe or karaoke bar. The evening may finish with a visit to a love hotel, or at least the promise for a second rendezvous. Although it is rare in practice, nanpa is socially acceptable in Japan, and tolerated as a natural youthful indiscretion."

The Silent Accomplice in Tonight's Affairs
The Silent Accomplice in Tonight's Affairs
the neon streets of tokyo
So that's nampa in a nutshell -- the way of seduction Japanese style! Not that I was any good at it until today. It is like I didn't get it until today, but once you have got it, you can't go wrong. Anyway, back at the pad we had decided to go out, popped open some beers, had a smoke, and then dropped our E's. Suddenly we got a call from Keith, an Australian refugee I had spoken to on the phone briefly, in the aftermath of my porn shoot of August 5. Apparently Keith is something of a recluse and never goes out, but he said he would make an exception to meet me. He actually said something like: "Now you sound like someone that I would be bothered to meet," implying that most other folk don't meet his standards. Since that time, I had found out his pet project is developing a new language to control the entire human race. "Words have the power to manipulate consciousness and create action at a distance," he told me tonight when I probed him about it, in a deadpan voice punctuated with gaps of silence (a little too much silence for my liking.) "Find the right words, build a whole language around that, and you could achieve world domination."

Since my first conversation with him I have envisioned Keith as some soulless Dalek sitting in a darkened bedroom, scheming in private evil. But when I met him in Shibuya later tonight, he completely exceeded my expectations. He was like a mild version of the Crocodile Hunter, the life of the party, with a gift of the gab and the ability to entertain others. We went to a bar and met this huge group of English tourists, almost all of them guys. Keith had them all eating out of his hand, amusing them with anecdotes of his 11 years in Japan. I had a few anecdotes to share as well, for example my recent 2 weeks behind bars with Menace, which was regaled with cries of: "That's outrageous!" I hadn't really noticed, it hadn't really sunk in that Menace was nowhere to be seen -- in fact, where the hell was that son of a bitch? I didn't know it, but right at that moment, he was sitting at a nearby sex club, jerking himself off, while two women made to love to each other on a table in front of him. When I asked him while he had bailed on Keith and I, he said: "What was I going to do, sit there talking to a bunch of English guys and listen to Keith's attempts to be the Alpha Male? I already know I am the Alpha Male -- and I want pussy. So I went looking for pussy, and I found it!"

Time wore on, and eventually Keith and I started asking ourselves: "what happened to Menace? why doesn't he answer his phone?" (He later told me he had found a sex club so perhaps he had switched off his phone out of respect for the other patrons.) Keith and I tried to get into some hip*hop clubs such as Club Asia, but they wouldn't let us in he was wearing thongs (I am here referring to the thongs you wear on your feet, Aussie-style.) After walking around for a little while longer, Keith announced he was going home by taxi. (Or at least he claims he announced, I can't remember.) I do remember being a little concerned because it was 2am, way past last train time, but a long time from first train time as well. Menace wasn't answering my calls: where the hell was he? Then suddenly my phone was ringing and Menace was holllering at me like a maniac: "Get yourself down to the Hachiko Dog. I got us some hot Korean bitches we can fuck at the Sex Club. I got them down to 12,000 Yen! Think of it as a dress rehearsal for the AV, dog! If you can't pull this off, you won't be able to pull off a real porn shoot!"

THE establishment was not far from Shibuya Station and the famous Starbucks Cafe crossing, up a flight of stairs past some thin Korean pimps in suits, seated on a lounge chair. (Note: they could have also been Taiwanese or Chinese, I am not quite sure the nationality of this club.) One thing for sure, they weren't Japanese. I got ushered into a pokey room with my girl, and she ordered me into this even pokier shower. She told me to strip and wash, which I did (I'm getting used to authority types commanding me to take my clothes off, and don't even feel any shame these days.) Perhaps I did the drunk white idiot routine in the shower, and tried to grope her breasts or something.) Whatever I did, I could feel our relationship deteriorate almost right from the very beginning. There was a hostility there which made the whole thing a turnoff for me, however much Menace might have been enjoying riding his rodeo, in another room down the hall. I guess I am naiive in this kind of thing, this Korean/Chinese woman being only the second prostitute I have ever had sex with. I don't know how to play this game, and like my last time with the hot cute Sumatran hooker in Medan with my man Hotman and his crew, I kept doing the wrong things. For example: trying to kiss her on the lips. Squeeze her nipples. Feel her pussy. She deflected every attempt of mine to hit these three (intimate) erogenous zones. This in turn irritated me, and tried harder to touch her or kiss her. At one point I managed to touch her pussy and she scolded me: "Itai! That hurt! You've got sharp fingernails!" That was the point I realised we were developing a mutual dislike for each other, which was ironic given that we were trying to fuck each other. She kept looking at her watch (another definite turnoff for me!) Then abruptly, like a teacher blowing a whistle on a group of startled school children at play, she said: "Time's up!" "But I haven't even come?" I said plaintively. "That's because you have got a soft cock from drinking too much," she said.

She might have had a point: I had dropped two E's that day. Out on the street, I said to Menace: "I thought we paid for an hour. That didn't feel like an hour to me."

"Yeah, they fucking ripped us off," he said. "But a lay's a lay, you got laid." And then, in what seemed like five minutes or less, I found myself holding hands with this woman and eliciting kino in a fast food restaurant, on the other side of Shibuya Station...

Menace and me, I think we make a good team -- he does the jumping, then I come up quietly from the rear to handle the more sensitive detail. That's essentially what happened after we got out of the fuck joint -- Maniac jumped these two mature looking women walking around the back of Shibuya Station. I can't remember rightly what happened -- but I know that within a short space of time we were sitting in a restaurant with them, and I as holding one of them by the hand, and in fact I seemed to be captivated by the cute fake nails she was wearing. I start to think: her nails are the best feature of her entire body and being. She looks like she hasn't been on a date for more than 10 years -- aged in her mid to late 30s, the kind of cake that was left on the shelf when the Japanese marriage ritual came to its head. I am not saying she was ugly, she was attractive enough for me to want to hold her hand (then again, I had been drinking in the hot sun all day and furthermore dropped two E's.) I got reasonably far feeling her leg through the fabric of the denim jeans she was wearing. When I tried to touch her bare skin further down her leg, she objected. Across the table, Menace was trying to convince her friend to go to a hotel with him -- but he was running into obstacles (she was married, and she was a Christian.) Eventually we all just gave up (although I hadn't really lost, in fact I might have been the only winner from the whole experience!) I gave up because even though I know there was the potential of further glory, I had already had enough excitement for one day. At some point before that, the woman I was with said: "Do you guys often go out on the nampa?" She had us picked, even though I was an authentic rookie. But all I could do at the time was stare transfixed at her sparkling fingernails, clasped amidst my own fingers... and think to myself: "God, that looks so sexy!..."

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