I USED TO BE WHAT MIGHT BE CALLED A TRUTH-SEEKER. I was looking for spiritual realization, without realizing that spirituality was just a fantasy. Enlightenment is a myth (that's what I will tell myself until I become enlightened.) Actually, the only occasions I have actually felt enlightened were when I was on drugs, or suffering from panic attacks. Which suggests to me that religious ecstasy is caused by an aberration of the brain.


Well, okay, maybe that's a bit harsh... sometimes I feel something beyond me is controlling things, sculpting events, propelling me on my destiny. We could call that a God, or a Goddess. I believe, however, we are all ourselves gods and goddesses in the making... evolving from the Animal Realm, to the Angelic Realm.

Greek goddess

I have stated elsewhere that I believe that technology is the main driver of human evolution. Is technology a consequence of the Lucifer Rebellion?

Every religion in the world has its part to play. As Michio Kaku says: "According to string theory, big bangs are happening all the time. Even as we speak, Genesis is taking place somewhere in the cosmos. And what is the universe expanding into? Nirvana. ..

Imagine if souls are like worms, or rather Figure of 8 beings: they start out on side of the Interface (another dimension) but protrude into the physical world. When we go to sleep, and when we die, we retract back to the spiritual sphere. On one side of the Brane we are infinitely big (the dreamworld), on the other side we are infinitely small (compared to the scale of the physical Universe.) We are like Taijitu symbols, twisted into Figure 8s.

संत रामपाल जी ने अपने सद्ग्रन्थों से स्पष्ट कर दिया है कि गणेश जी का भी जन्म और पुर्नजन्म होता है। वह अविनाशी नहीं हैं।
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The Spirituality/Religions aspect of Crowded World comprises three parts: religions of the world (Islam, etc); fortune telling/diagnostic (Palmistry, Dreams, Pulse Reading, Face Reading, etc); and manifestation.


BUDDHISM IS in many ways a negation of Hinduism. While Hindus believe in atman (an eternal soul), Buddhists claim that this soul is an illusion. Their mantra is anatman ("no soul"). Read a haiku poem from Japan, or listen to Alan Watts, and you will encounter the nothing.

Nude Buddha, courtesy of Canva


WHILE CHRISTIANITY has divided Creation into a perfectly good God and an absolutely evil Satan, with humanity stranded somewhere in the middle, the Hindu universe is a little more crowded. The Pantheon of Gods represent every possible field of experience and endeavour, every natural and human process. Kuhu, for example, is the Hindu goddess of the new moon. The Krittikas, on the other hand, are a group of devis associated with the constellation Pleiades. It goes without saying that the River Ganges has its own deity, a goddess named Ganga. Budhi Pallien, on the other hand, is a forest goddess in who roams the jungle in the form of a tiger...

Saraswati, a Hindu goddess

In many ways I consider Hinduism to be the superior religion because it breadth is so vast, it can accommodate all other religions inside it. Even Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is appropriated as the 9th avatar of Vishnu, one third of the Hindu triumvirate.. (For my complete guide to Hinduism, )


ISLAM MEANS "submission" or "total surrender" in Arabic. Followers of Islam are called "Muslims". Together with Christians and Jews, Muslims are considered to be "People of the Book". While the Jews wrote the First Testament and the Christians compiled the New Testament of the Bible, Muslims read the Quran, the third and most ultimate installment of the Word of God. It reads like an appeal from the heart.

"Originator of the heavens and the earth. Whenever He decrees a thing, He says to it, “Be,” and it becomes."

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