I USED TO BE WHAT MIGHT BE CALLED A TRUTH-SEEKER. I was looking for spiritual realization, without realizing that spirituality was just a fantasy. Enlightenment is a myth (that's what I will tell myself until I become enlightened.) Actually, the only occasions I have actually felt enlightened were when I was on drugs, or suffering from panic attacks. Which suggests to me that religious ecstasy is caused by an aberration of the brain.

Well, okay, maybe that's a bit harsh... sometimes I feel something beyond me is controlling things, sculpting events, propelling me on my destiny...

The Spirituality/Religions aspect of Crowded World comprises three parts: religions of the world (Hinduism, Islam, etc); fortune telling/diagnostic (Palmistry, Dreams, Pulse Reading, Face Reading, etc); and manifestation (Feng Shui, etc.)

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