Artwork courtesy of Nguyen Phuoc from Vietnam

How did a nation as poor and war-ravaged as Vietnam develop such a vibrant art scene? (this rhetorical question was once raised by Time International magazine.) While traditional Vietnamese art owes much to influence from China, modern Vietnamese art is indebted to the French, former colonial overlords who gave the country Catholicism and bread (to compete with Confucianism and rice, the great Chinese legacy!) Artists in Vietnam have an almost rock star appeal these days... (For more on buying Vietnamese art, )

Australian Aboriginal Art

» Badu Art Centre (Torres Straits)

Bouddi Gallery: 5/1 Kilcare Road, Kilcare. Mobile: 0419 287994. Website: website here.
Indigenous artworks in a wide variety of forms, from cushion covers and throw rugs. Each art work is accompanied by the Jukurrpa (Dreaming) story behind it.

Digital Art

Foundation: . Website: website here.
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» Hinz & Kunst (Germany)