Baan Bua Guest House: Chiang Rai. Website: website here.
Rooms with fan cost 300-400 Baht per night, and it is 500 Baht per night for an a/c room.

Ben Guest Housewebsite here.
Chat Guesthouse : Chiang Rai. Website: website here.
A single room with a fan will cost a mere 100 Baht per night. At the other end of the scale, the double room with air-con and satellite TV costs between 350 and 400 Baht per night.

Chiang Rai Guesthouse: Akha River. Website: website here.
Cheap place, with promotions often in force. You can get a double bed with wifi and fan and hot shower for 250 Baht per night.

Pasot's girlfriend paid 4500 Baht per month 9in 2015) for her room, out in the bush with birds all around!

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